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Run Away From Your Spring Allergies

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The arrival of Spring brings a lot of great things. However, for some of us, it also brings dust and pollen and those things mean seasonal allergies. Those of us prone to these allergies always have their favorite remedies on hand to alleviate the worst of the symptoms.

Unfortunately, plenty of people suffer from seasonal allergies and they don’t even know it. We’ll show you how to identify some of the signs of allergies and other professional ways to maintain good air quality.

The Symptoms of Seasonal Allergies

allergysymptomsThe very sensitive to the dust and pollen in the air know it right away. Itching and watery eyes make it difficult to see. Some very sensitive people can even have added difficulty breathing or break out with rashes on their skin.

However, many people suffer from these allergies without showing the worst of these symptoms. Often, the allergy symptoms can often mirror the feelings of a cold or a cough.

Headaches throughout the day can be common, as your body tries to fight off the histamines in the air (this is why allergy medications are called antihistamines). While most of us would just shrug these symptoms off as part of a general cold or just not feeling our best, the root cause is often allergies and can be easily addressed.

Keep up With Your Air Duct Cleaning

homecleaningIf you think you are one of these mild allergy sufferers, what can you do to help fix the problem? The most obvious solutions are to turn to medications or treating the symptoms.

These can be saline sprays to keep your nasal passages clear, painkillers to fight off headaches and over the counter medications to stave off the cold-like symptoms. However, none of these address the root cause.

Another way to think about it is to head the problem off at the source. This can be done by having the ducts in your HVAC system routinely cleaned and maintained. Ducts can be passageways for all sorts of allergens, funneling what’s making you feel under the weather directly into your home.

Choose Professional Services First

professionalservicesIf having the professional service of duct cleaning seems unnecessary, keep this in mind: repeat exposure to allergens can increase the allergic reaction.

Without a properly cleaned duct system keeping the air in your house clean, the problems caused by dust and pollen could get worse, perhaps even requiring some medical intervention to alleviate.

It is far easier to have your ducts routinely cleaned than to have to deal with added medication to just feel healthy. Turn to the professionals at Gene Johnson Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical so that you can enjoy clean air in your home.

Not only can we handle duct cleaning, but we can also perform other services that will help keep your air quality high, including air filter maintenance and UV air sanitization. Just give us a call at (206) 231-5682 and we’ll work out a solution that works for you and keeps your home air clean and fresh.