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Faucets, fixtures and sinks aren’t particularly glamorous parts of your home, but they do serve a very important function, so it’s important to keep them in good working order. They do tend to last for quite a while, but most need repairs at some point and all will require replacement eventually. Finding a high quality service provider is the key to having faucets, fixtures and sinks that are always working correctly.

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The Need for Faucet & Sink Repair

Since faucets and sinks seem to last for so long, the first sign of damage is often a sign to replace it with a new one. You may want a new look or style, and since you’ve more than gotten your money’s worth from the original, a new faucet or sink is cost-effective and solves your damage problem. However, if you are partial to the sinks and faucets you have now, calling your local plumbing company to repair your faucet will get them back in working order. Faucets are prone to minor leaks due to worn washers and gaskets, so leaky faucet repair will get them back to working order.

The Risk of Hidden Faucet Leaks

Although changing a gasket or washer seems like a trivial task, if there is a leak going on under the surface, the likelihood of rotting wood and mold growth increases dramatically. These hidden leaks come with serious consequences most of the time, so it is important to check and to call for help if you suspect trouble.

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Choose Professional Installation for Best Results

Installing a sink or faucet may not seem like a complex task, but it is important to have it done correctly when you consider how often they are used and how much water flows through them every day. When you need replacement service for a faucet, fixture, or sink in your home, it’s important that you choose a seasoned, professional installer. Working with a trusted team, like Gene’s Super Techs, will give you peace of mind knowing that any faucets, fixtures or sinks replacements are done right. We will make sure your new sink and faucet are positioned correctly and the seals are in place so the potential for leaks is minimized, and they will do the job they are meant to do.

Although faucets, fixtures and sinks tend to last for quite some time without wearing out, the time will come when you need repairs or replacement. Call Gene Johnson Plumbing & Heating at 206.792.7495 in Seattle, WA and the surrounding area and we will set up an appointment to evaluate the situation.