Seattle Radiant Heating Services

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Radiant Heating Services Seattle , WA

If you have ever stepped out of bed on a cold winter night, onto a warm floor, you know just how comforting and soothing radiant heating can be. Electric underfloor heating works by heating surfaces rather than the air around the surfaces. When the system is set up, there are heated tubes running beneath the surface of the floor, radiating heat upward.

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Why Choose Radiant Heating?

The comfort factor is a definite underfloor floor heating benefit, but there are others that make it a great home heating choice. The air quality in a home with radiant heating is usually better because there are no air ducts involved in the distribution. When ductwork is used in a standard forced air system, the potential for dust mites, mold spores and other contaminants is always present. With electric underfloor heating, there is no air distribution involved, so the air is cleaner. Radiant heating is also quieter than a regular furnace and it allows you to set up specific heating zones, so you aren’t wasting money heating rooms that are unoccupied.

Improve Your Heating Efficiency

Another big advantage of radiant heating is improved energy efficiency. The ability to set the thermostats lower and achieve the same results uses less energy and will lower your monthly heating bills. Saving energy also has an environmental impact, which is another element many homeowners want.

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Professional Servicing for a Quick Solution

When you have underfloor heating installed in your floors, tubing must be placed under the floor surface. In order for the floor to work as efficiently as possible, the layout is important and all of the elements must be connected safely. Radiant floors typically work using hot water from a boiler or electricity to heat the tubing, so only technicians with knowledge and skill in this area should be given the task of installing the floor.

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