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Reliable Air Conditioner Maintenance in Washington

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Regular Maintenance Services in Mukilteo

Regular maintenance services help boost your heating and cooling system! It is especially critical for HVAC systems around Washington.

Washington weather is typically mild and predictable. Winters are harsh, and the “hotter months” don’t exactly spike outdoor temperature.

Icicles and other residues may form within your outdoor unit, leading to air pressure building within your entire air conditioner. Remember the detrimental effects pressure buildup can have on your HVAC system.

You never know when you need reliable air conditioning. You can ensure your AC unit is something you can always depend on by leaving its upkeep in the hands of dedicated professionals.

The Belred 5-Year No Lemon Warranty

BelRed Energy Solutions only provides solutions with no excuses. We prioritize each and every client’s needs with no strings attached.

Trust our HVAC contractors with your home’s AC maintenance to receive extended warranties and exclusive benefits!

Our 5-YEAR NO LEMON WARRANTY exemplifies our commitment to our clients.

However unlikely it is for any of our trusted cooling specialists to install your air conditioner with a faulty compressor, we provide a 5-year guarantee for contingencies.

If your compressor fails within five years of BelRed installations, we will replace the compressor unit without any additional unit or labor costs.

We develop contingencies on top of our guarantees for your comfort and convenience. Lasting warranties you won’t find with just any contractor.

We hold our experts to higher standards than most, allowing our company to make such guarantees.

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Clean Air Package (Air Purfier, Duct Cleaning, Blower Wheel Cleaning & Filter)

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Plumbing Safety Inspection

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Frequently Asked Questions

Thorough Cleaning for Your Air Conditioning System
AC Maintenance Tune-Up

Thorough Cleaning for Your Air Conditioning System

While we can afford to give out warranties, we avoid cashing them in regularly! We dedicate sufficient time and effort to getting each service right the first time to avoid back jobs and other inconveniences.

We deploy various maintenance measures to ensure your air conditioning system remains in good working condition. Our meticulous maintenance services are enough to get your air conditioner through different seasons!

Cleaning air conditioner units seems like the most obvious step in any maintenance effort. Still, results may vary depending on how thorough a job the contractors execute.

How Our Expert HVAC Technicians Clean Air Conditioners

Our maintenance services never skip a beat! We take air conditioning cleaning seriously. Various things may be hiding in your HVAC system, causing extenuating AC issues.

If your cooling system isn’t performing as well as it used to, a good cleaning just might be enough to return it to its former glory! It can also give it the boost it needs to withstand erratic outdoor temperatures.


Energy costs shouldn’t be spiking in colder climates like Washington. Clogs and buildups may be behind inexplicable surges in your energy bills.

Foreign objects and blockages may hinder proper airflow enough to suffocate your entire HVAC system. Internal components struggling may result in higher energy bills even in colder climates.

BelRed maintenance service helps you save your air conditioner from internal damage and increased energy consumption. 


We won’t only help you save money by keeping contaminants out of your air conditioner. BelRed specialists help you save more money on medical bills and mold prevention by guaranteeing quality airflow!

We always remember to pay attention to an often neglected air conditioner component. Your air filters are essential in delivering superior Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).


Sanitation isn’t the only scale determining your home’s Indoor Air Quality. Erratic indoor temperatures can negatively impact your home’s air quality.

It isn’t exactly “quality” air conditioning when you experience hot and cold spots. We always include major undertakings to ensure steady cool air circulation, which includes air scrubbing and ductwork cleaning.

Some contractors may skip one step or another to cut costs. At BelRed Energy Solutions, we face major tasks head-on to ensure all underlying air conditioning issues are addressed.


You won’t have to second-guess your air conditioning system when it routinely receives the care it needs!

Routine maintenance fees are a small price to pay to regulate utility bills, increase IAQ levels, and boost reliability. BelRed Energy Solutions maintenance boosts energy efficiency and helps you avoid costly repairs in the future.

We service your unit to keep everything working correctly, so you don’t have to buy a whole new AC unit before summer.

Our AC maintenance includes inspection and evaluation. While you can leave your AC system to us, we don’t pull the trigger on your behalf!

We make sure you make the decisions around here, providing you with various payment plans and timeframes for your convenience.

Book an appointment online or call us now at (833) 252-2632.

AC Maintenance Tune-Up

Maintaining your air conditioner isn’t only about cleaning its components. We like to provide our customers with sufficient services they can trust!

The BelRed tune-up service includes boosting your HVAC systems. It isn’t only about cleaning leaks around your indoor unit or picking dust and debris off your outdoor condenser unit!

The BelRed team will:

  • Clean your entire HVAC system
  • Drain any lines and pans
  • Buff your indoor and outdoor coils
  • Recalibrate the programmable thermostat and other electric components
  • Replace your AC filter
  • Conduct minor AC repair

BelRed Air Conditioner Tune-Up Services in Mukilteo

Just because it’s almost always cold out here doesn’t mean your house is safe from inefficient air conditioning operations!

With summer rearing its warm and sunny head, you can expect tantamounts of humidity and condensation. Your condenser unit will be exposed to harmful elements and may fail you just when you need it most.

Call for our professional maintenance service today if you don’t want your air conditioner to work harder against the harsh external temperature!

Take a look at our membership perks:

Refresh air filters

Recharge refrigerant levels

Repair or replace damaged electrical lines

15% Discount on repairs

Pre-season maintenance service

Priority scheduling

Our comprehensive maintenance program puts various efforts in effect to anticipate weather changes and typical wear and tear considerations!

Leave your worries to us! The BelRed team will ensure your AC units operate efficiently, keeping your house cool for the summer.

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Within Your Budget

The best plumbing and heating services shouldn’t have to break the bank. That’s why we are happy to provide our customers with opportunities to save on their next service with us. Our current online deals are updated periodically, so there is something for everyone, whether you are a first-time customer or a long-time loyalist.


Here are some benefits of trusting Super Techs with your plumbing and HVAC needs


  • Best value service in Seattle
  • Always on-time arrival
  • No mess left after a job
  • Friendly team that truly cares about your safety and comfort
  • Fixed right guarantee
  • Upfront pricing
  • Follow up calls to ensure your peace of mind
  • Range of service options- no ultimatums!

What Our Clients Say

Gene Johnson plumbing installed a new toilet for us, it was great working with them! Ishmael gave us estimates for various options, and we decided to buy our own toilet and have them come back to do the installation. Krystal did the install, and she was clean, efficient, very pleasant to work with, and the job was done quickly! It was also easy to schedule the work to be done. I would definitely work with them again!

– Lisa Henry

Another exceptional service call!…Alex was a true expert and he was very thorough and was patient while we went through our list of plumbing goals during this thorough full house inspection. He was able to give us some cost estimates on the spot. I certainly feel like I’m in the best hands and look forward to moving forward with our project.

– Ivan Archer

I had a new water heater installed with Gene Johnson this week and I was very happy with the whole experience. Eric Sams was my technician and he was incredibly knowledgeable and friendly and really took the time to explain my options to me. We have “unique” water heater systems in my place and he really knew what he was doing, I knew I could trust him. The installation was scheduled quickly and works/looks great!

– Ashley Curtin

Great experience with Branson! Very friendly, knowledgeable, and the quote was accurate. Needed shut-off valves installed on my house from the 40s, existing lines were galvanized steel, so that made things tricky. He outlined several options and recommendations, and we settled on something that will be compatible and easy to work with for future kitchen remodel plans. Will definitely be calling Gene Johnson again when it’s time to do more plumbing work!

– Brian Munn

I reached out to Gene Johnson regarding my radiant heating not working properly. They were able to come by within the next day to take a look. Tech Mike F was very knowledgeable and honest regarding next steps and questions my wife and I had. We proceeded to replace the Manifold and add a magnetic separator to my unit. Heat is now working! :)

– Phil Maaa

Prompt, informative, professional, friendly – very happy with service today.

– Francy M

Carlos was terrific!  He had the necessary parts on hand – he explained the problem, the solution, cleaned up after himself and now I don’t have water dripping under the sink!  Thank you Carlos!

– Katherine H