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Although the showers and bathtubs in your home are more about aesthetic appeal as much as anything else is, they do need to be in good working order. If you have cracks or holes in your bathtub or shower, you’ll soon have water leaks that can cause rotting wood or mold growth and potential health issues. Finding a high quality service provider to install and repair your showers and tubs is the key to preventing any serious problems from occurring.

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Does My Shower Need Repairs?

Whether you have a stand up shower or it is part of your bathtub, there are a couple of areas that repair may end up being necessary. These include the plumbing component and the structural component. If there is a leak in the nozzle or the plumbing behind the surface of the shower, it must be repaired quickly to reduce the chance of a costly leak. If the bathtub or shower has developed cracks or holes, or if the drain has rusted or begun to lift, then repairs are also warranted.

The Value of Regular Maintenance

Having a licensed plumber come in and look over your plumbing system every year or two will keep you up to date on any problems that may need attention. Keeping your system maintained usually finds minor damage before it has a chance to grow and become more serious, so even though you have to pay out a little, you’ll be saving much more in the future.

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Choosing a Quality Installer

When it comes time to have your bathtub or shower replaced or if you’re having a new one installed as part of a renovation, opt for a professional installer to get it done right. Poor quality installation will create a wide range of problems down the road, including leaks, flooding, potential structural damage and mold growth. Call Gene Johnson Plumbing & Heating today to get professional service and upfront pricing on your bathtub or shower installation!

Bathtubs and showers can last a long time, but the day will come when they start breaking down, or you may want a new look in your bathroom as part of a renovation. In either case, call Gene Johnson Plumbing & Heating at 206.792.7495 in the Seattle, WA area so we can provide you with the expert repair or installation you need.