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Do you need expert Seattle repiping services? We will send a licensed plumber to inspect and fix your damaged pipes when you call 206.792.7495 today. Repiping is an exciting service that helps you save money and reduce the amount of disruption caused by conventional services.

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Before repiping came along, repairing tricky sections of pipe was terribly invasive and time-consuming. Plumbers would often have to tear up parts of the property or even the floor to get to the damaged sections of pipe, so they could make the necessary replacements and resolve the situation. With repiping, the damaged sections of pipe can be removed and replaced without the digging or disruption of previous times.

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Common Reasons for Repiping

Damaged pipes are the reason that repiping is used in your home, but the signs telling you that it might be necessary can vary. Signs of damaged pipes include excess moisture in different parts of the house, mold growth, structural damage caused by rotting wood or elevated water bills due to the water loss. These signs don’t guarantee a repipe is necessary, but they are definite signs of damaged pipes, and repiping may be a valuable option.

A Fast, Non-Invasive Approach

Unlike digging and tearing up half your property to find and fix damaged pipes, repiping is non-invasive procedure in which your plumbing contractor uses specialized equipment to see where the leak is and techniques to replace partial sections of pipe without having to damage the rest of the pipes or causing too much disruption to the household. When only small sections of pipe need to be replaced, a repipe of that section often makes the most sense.

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Copper and PEX Piping

If you are unsure about what material your current piping is made of, call Gene's Super Techs! If your home has old, galvanized steel pipes, a whole home repipe may be a viable service to replace them with PEX or copper piping. Most of the time, copper piping is more durable than PEX, but PEX is more flexible and less expensive. Copper won’t bend or sag as much as PEX piping at the joints, which is one reason many builders still like to use it. Most homes use one or the other, so you should be covered if there is a pipe issue in the future and another repipe is needed.

Whether you have questions about whether a whole house repipe is the right move for your home or you just need repiping for a small section of your plumbing, the expert contractors at Gene Johnson Plumbing & Heating are here for you! Give us a call today to speak to a professional who can answer all your questions about whole home repiping and more!

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