Seattle Indoor Air Quality System Installation & Repair

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Indoor Air Quality System Installation & Repair Seattle , WA


Most people spend most of their time inside their own home. The average sits close to 60%, which means in most cases you are breathing in the air that’s inside your home more than half your life. It stands to reason that you should make every effort to keep this indoor air clean and free from toxins and contaminants. Even if you are out most of the time, just sleeping and eating meals at home will equal 30% to 40% of your time. The need for high indoor air quality is there for everyone, so it is important to take action.

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Common Airborne Contaminants

Some of the contaminants that can find a home in your ductwork include copious amounts of dust and dirt, pet dander, mold and other toxins. When these substances are allowed to grow and pile up in your air ducts, they are blown throughout the house when you turn on the furnace. They aren’t always visible to the naked eye, but they are there, causing breathing issues and other health problems. If you have any family members with respiratory problems, air quality issues can make the situation much worse. If you often wake up congested or feeling as if you have a cold, the culprit could very well be those impurities in the air.

Benefits of a Professional Air Quality System

When you align yourself with a quality, experienced air quality professional, you can have a system installed that will remove those contaminants and get your indoor air at a level you are happy with. There are several different types and styles of air quality systems, and choosing the right one for your home and your needs is important. Once you have your air tested and confer with your air quality expert, you’ll have a better feel for what kind of system is best. A professional system will address the issues you and your family have, and you’ll get the ongoing support you need for continued success.

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