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How Can an AC Filter Protect Your Health?

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Using Air Purification to Filter Viruses

In these times of uncertain health and illness, any weapon you can use to keep you, your friends, and family safe is useful. While indoor air purifiers can’t 100% destroy the virus, they can help you maintain safer isolation from outdoor air which could be carrying the virus.

The following information will help educate you on how air purifiers (like UV Air Sanitizers) can help you and your home stay safe and healthy during these uncertain times.

There’s an Air Purifier for You

Air purifiers are an appliance you can add to your home to help keep your air cleaner. Many of them are free-standing units that you can put in any room, though some homes may have air purifiers built into their HVAC system.

Air purifiers limit the allergens and pollutants you and your family inhale when breathing, such as pet dander, pollen, bacteria, smoke, dust, and even germs and illnesses. There are a variety of different air purifiers, though, so knowing about them can help you decide which one may work best for your home:

  • air purifiersHEPA: These air purifiers use a HEPA filter which can remove up to 99.7% of air particulates larger than .2 microns, which includes pollutants such as pollen, mold, dust, and dander and other allergens. The HEPA filters need to be regularly replaced, though, and they don’t trap smaller particles such as viruses, germs, and bacteria.
  • UV: Ultraviolet purifiers use UV light to clean your home’s air, which is particularly good against smaller pollutants such as bacteria, germs, and viruses. In fact, hospitals will often use UV light to help disinfect patient rooms. But UV purifiers need special light bulbs to work, that will occasionally need to be replaced.
  • Ionic: Ionic air purifiers are popular because they’re incredibly quiet since they don’t use a motor. Instead, they send negatively charged ions into the air. These ions bond with positively charged particles, such as dust, which makes them heavier so they fall out of the air. This way, you won’t inhale them when you breathe. Some ionic purifiers also trap the particles, too. They can work against bacteria and viruses, as well, though most models need to be cleaned regularly.

Air Flow Helps With Quarantine

It’s unfortunate that air purifiers can’t fully stop illnesses, as that would be an easy, and affordable, solution to a pandemic. But the good news is, air purifiers can help in the fight. And anything that can help give you the edge over this viral disease is well worth the effort.


There are two ways that air purifiers can help:

  • Keeping You Healthy: Air purifiers can remove other illnesses and airborne allergens, keeping you healthy. Especially in regard to your breathing. And since the coronavirus is a respiratory illness, any help in improving your breathing will only help, especially if you fall ill.
  • Keeping Your Home Socially Distant: While one of the best things you can do to stay safe is to keep yourself socially distant from others, an air purifier can help your home distance itself, too. That’s because an air purifier can help keep your indoor environment isolated from your outdoor environment (as in an air-flow quarantine), where people may be coughing or sneezing, especially in communal living spaces like apartments or retirement communities.

The Right Information Makes All the Difference

right informationIt can be hard to know when information is coming from a reputable source or not. Especially in these times of higher social media interaction due to lesser physical interaction. Currently, there is no cure for the virus, which is why social distancing and other mitigation techniques are so important.

If you see a company or business professing that they have the full viral solutions, it’s best to do your research and trust the factual information. On the other hand, if you find a small business that’s offering truthful information, then that’s likely a company you can trust.

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