Seattle UV Air Sanitizer System Installation

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Gene Johnson Plumbing & Heating - UV Air Sanitizer System Installation Seattle , WA

Indoor air quality is a major issue in many households, especially where certain family members have respiratory problems or other illnesses that may be affected by the air quality. Dust, dirt and even mold spores aren’t uncommon in many households, and if you have pets, hair and dander can make the situation worse.

At Gene Johnson Plumbing & Heating, we offer a range of air cleaning services, including whole home air filtration system installation. For example, one impressive option for improving indoor air quality is installing a UV air sanitizer in your home. Give us a call today to speak with one of Gene’s Super Techs about the different types of air cleaners we can install in your home.

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The UV Air Sanitizer Process

UV air sanitizers are whole home air cleaners that use ultra-violet light to remove contaminants from the air before they have a chance to get out into your living space. They are part of the household HVAC system, so all the air that is circulated through it ends up passing over the UV air sanitizer. If the filters are dirty on your furnace or AC for some reason, the particles will still be removed before they are inhaled by you and your family.

How a UV Air Sanitizer Benefits You

A properly installed UV air sanitizer has the potential to remove 98% of all the airborne contaminants in your home. This is a lofty number that is worth getting excited about, especially if you are concerned with having a clean indoor environment. When you have the UV air sanitizer running, everyone will sleep more soundly and issues like allergies and colds will be far less frequent. Perhaps the biggest advantage you get from using a UV air sanitizer is peace of mind knowing you are keeping your indoor air quality high.

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Choose Professional Installation

When you make the decision to have a UV air sanitizer, or another type of air cleaner, installed in your home, insist on a licensed technician with experience installing these kinds of systems. Ultra-violet can be dangerous when it touches exposed skin, so you don’t want to endanger yourself or anyone else by trying to install it alone or looking for a cheaper solution. Aside from the safety issues, you need a system that will remove contaminants like it is supposed to, and only professional installation can make that happen.

If you’re not sure that a UV air sanitizer is the best choice for your home, call Gene Johnson Plumbing & Heating today, and our team will gladly help you find the perfect whole home air filtration for you!

The quality of your indoor air affects every member of your family, so it is important not to take it for granted. Call Gene Johnson Plumbing & Heating at 206.792.7495 in the Seattle, WA area if you’d like high quality service and indoor air that is contaminant-free.