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Reasons to Consider Re-piping your Seattle Area Home

Water pipes in your home can be made from many different materials depending on when it was built. While many of these lines are made of metal, they still have an average life expectancy and may need to be replaced at some point. Repiping, or water line replacement, is the process of replacing the water


How are residential and commercial water pipe leaks detected?

Since the invention of plumbing systems, professional plumbers have been tasked with detecting, pinpointing, and repairing water leaks from water main lines outside of the home and water supply lines inside the home. In the past, locating a leak required digging up your yard or removing drywall and flooring to visually inspect the water lines.


How to know if you need a new water main

How do you know if you need a whole new water main supply pipe or if you just have a small break and need an outside water supply pipe repair? Read on to help understand more about water leak symptoms, causes and repairs.   The water main line is a large pipe that connects the


Conserve Water This Earth Day With The Help of Your Local Plumber

Utilize Local Plumbing Services To Waste Less Water Many homeowners focus on saving electricity, but there’s another issue that seems to be placed on the back burner. This issue is water wasting. People don’t realize how much water they’re really wasting when they leave the water running while brushing their teeth, doing the dishes, and


improved air quality

Clean Fall Air: How to Improve Indoor Air Quality After Summer Fun

Clean Fall Air: How to Improve Indoor Air Quality After Summer Fun Summer’s over. We hate it, too. But fall and winter can be nice, too. After you’re all done celebrating for Labor Day, you should think about cleaning your home to restore optimal indoor air quality. You see, after the summer, your home is