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Three Big Benefits of Going Tankless

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Hot water is not a ‘luxury’ in our area of the world – it is standard and expected in every business, home, and hotel. At your house, you likely have a traditional water heater and haven’t thought much about it. However, a popular trend is tankless water heaters because they tend to have numerous, yet lesser-known benefits.

As a homeowner that is always looking to add value, it would be wise to consider installing a tankless water heater before you choose to sell or even to simply make your life easier. We’re going to talk about a few of the benefits of choosing to go tankless, so keep reading to find out more!

Convenient Water & Energy Conservation

conservationThe first step to knowing whether or not a tankless water heater is right for you is knowing how your old system works. A standard water heater works based on a reservoir tank that holds the entire water supply for your home.

Even when it isn’t in use, your water heater is keeping that water at your desired temperature. Because of this inefficient energy consumption, you could actually be paying more for energy and water costs. Tankless water heaters work differently because they only heat water on demand.

When you want to take a hot shower or wash some greasy dishes, your tankless units turn on and gives you that convenience. This cuts down on wasted energy and water, adding savings to your home on a monthly basis, while also cutting down on waste water. For homeowners looking for a way to reduce their environmental footprint, a tankless water heater is a way to go.

What to Consider For Water Heater Costs

costWhen decided whether or not a tankless water heater is right for you, consider the costs associated with your current water heater. Not only is it consuming more energy in most cases, but also it costs you with:

  • Frequent repairs.
  • More extensive maintenance.
  • General water consumption.
  • Possible water leaks.

A tankless water heater may require a higher initial cost, but in the long run, you end up enjoying more benefits. For one, a tankless water heater adds value to your home. This is perfect for homeowners looking to sell or rent their property.

Additionally, tankless water heaters improve performance and help you save on monthly utilities. They’re also less inclined to suffer from issues like water leaks, as they’re not constantly in contact with water. Before you know it, your tankless water heater will pay for itself.

Enjoy Some Space Savings Too

spaceWhile the performance is a major factor when it comes to water heaters, so is the practicality of it. A tankless water heater takes up a fraction of the space that your traditional unit does.

Instead of taking an entire closet, it can be installed underneath a sink or in a cabinet, adding to the functional space in your home.

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