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The Latest Toilet Technologies

When it comes to toilets, nothing is as simple as it was years ago. However, for toilets that is a good thing. While a toilet looks rather simple, the truth is today’s toilets are becoming incredibly advanced.

Seattle, WA toilet-technologies

As manufacturers look for new ways to get people in Seattle excited about their toilets, researchers are coming up with innovative ideas that have toilets doing far, far more than just flushing away waste. In fact, toilets can now produce fertilizer, be powered by the sun, and recycle the water used for flushing to help conserve as much of it as possible. If you find this fascinating and want to know more, read on to discover just what a future toilet in your home might be able to do for you.

A Sunny Toilet

If there is one thing every Seattle home needs, it’s a toilet that’s powered by the sun’s bright, warm rays. Often considered one of the last areas to conquer with toilets, researchers have now developed a toilet that’s entirely solar-powered.

Along with this, the toilet is also a waste treatment machine because it converts the waste inside it into fuel. By producing a combination of hydrogen, water, and electricity, it can take the hydrogen and store it in its fuel cells for power, even when the area around it is dark.

Disinfecting Waste

For many toilet researchers, one of the most pressing issues has been finding a way to disinfect human waste to cut down on the risk of diseases spreading everywhere. Well, their dream has become reality, and the effects could be big worldwide.

By disinfecting waste and heating it to more than 200 degrees Celsius, all potential germs are killed and disposed of, making everything much more sanitary. Expected to be used in nations where disease is a problem, it’s seen as a revolutionary achievement.

Toilets and Fertilizer

Not only can toilets now be made to use the sun’s rays for power and disinfect waste, but they can also produce fertilizer to be used in numerous agricultural applications. Because urine is made up of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, it’s great as a potential fertilizer.

Thanks to researchers developing a toilet that uses technology to convert urine into ash, water, and fertilizer, the possibilities on world agricultural applications are astounding. In the years to come, researchers are expected to refine their techniques even more, making this an even more efficient toilet.

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