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Signs You Need Water Line Replacement

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Signs You Need Water Line Replacement


Your home’s main water line serves a very important purpose. The pipe, which is typically located beneath your property’s yard, has the job of delivering water from the city’s water supply to your home’s plumbing system. So, all of the water that you use in your Everett area home for bathing, cleaning clothes, washing dishes, and other purposes must first travel through your main water line. That means that when the water line breaks or encounters a problem, it tends to cause quite a few serious issues and inconveniences for you and your family. In some cases, having the pipe repaired may do the trick, but you may encounter a situation in which you need to have your water line replaced.

Typically, there will be some clear indicators you can notice when there’s something wrong with your home’s main water line. In most cases, it will take professional water leak detection to determine whether the line needs to be repaired or replaced. However, what’s important is that you recognize the red flags and promptly schedule an appointment with your trusted local plumbing company.

Water Pooling in Your Yard

The most clear-cut indicator of a problem with your water line is water pooling up in your home’s yard. Sometimes, instead of pools, it may be muddy spots or even patches of grass or plants becoming lusher than the rest of the yard. When extra moisture is showing up around the yard, there’s a very real chance it’s coming from a leak in the main water line. The more water you notice, the worse the leak could potentially be. A leaking main water line is nothing to be ignored, and it will most likely continue to get worse if you wait too long to have it addressed and may eventually become a burst pipe requiring emergency plumbing repair.

Discolored Water in Your Home

If there’s a break in your Mukilteo area home’s main water line, it may be letting contaminants in as well as letting water out. It’s entirely possible for things like dirt, random debris, and heavy metals to get picked up by the water as it flows toward your home’s plumbing system. Many people confuse the need for a water filtration system for a plumbing water line leak. This can cause your water to look, smell, or taste strange when it comes out of your household’s faucets and fixtures. However, if you are noticing discolored water, it’s important to consider whether it’s coming from only one fixture or all of the fixtures in your home. If it’s the former, it’s most likely a problem with that one fixture, but if it’s the latter, there’s a very good chance that the issue lies with your main water line.

Low Water Pressure

Another potential sign that your main water line is damaged or leaking is a reduction in your home’s water pressure. After all, if there’s a significant amount of water escaping from the line, there won’t be as much available when you turn on the sink or the shower. Much like with water discoloration, though, it’s important to differentiate whether or not the issue is affecting your entire household. If only one of your fixtures is experiencing low water pressure, it’s most likely due to an issue localized to that fixture. But, if all of the plumbing fixtures around your dwelling have water pressure problems simultaneously, your main water line is likely the culprit.

Increase in Your Water Bills

If your main water line is broken or damaged, you’re likely losing quite a bit of water on the way to your home. That means that you’ll be using significantly more water on average for your day-to-day needs, which will lead directly to your monthly water bills rising in price. While there are several potential plumbing issues that may cause your water bills to increase, it’s certainly worth considering the possibility that it stems from your main water line.