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The ability to heat your home when needed is often taken for granted, until something happens to take that ability away from you. A broken furnace during cold winter night is unsettling and can even cause panic to set in if you don’t have access to a solution. Finding a high quality heating solution when your system is working fine is the key to having a dependable number ready to go when you really need it.

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Money-Saving Reasons for Yearly Maintenance

The underlying reason you should get annual maintenance on your furnace is to save money. Yes, it does cost money to have maintenance performed, but you will save even more on your energy bills because of the high efficiency of your heating systems. You’ll also be able to avoid most issues that would require repairs and the system will last longer because there won’t be any cumulative damage that requires an early replacement.

When the Furnace and Thermostat Don’t Agree

When you set a temperature on your thermostat, but the furnace just can’t get the room to reach it, you may end up wringing your hands in frustration. What you should do is call your local heating specialist to come and take a look at the furnace and the thermostat. Even if all you need is a good cleaning, quick service will get the problem under control.

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When to Change the Furnace Filter

In a perfect world, you should change your Furnace filter as soon as it is dirty enough to start affecting the air quality in the house and reduce the level of efficiency. A good guide to follow is to change it every six to twelve months.

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  • Radiant Heating Services
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  • Furnace Filter Replacements
  • Heater Repair and Maintenance
  • Evaporator Coil Services

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