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If you have ever received furnace service and the job was done well, but you still weren’t satisfied, chances are the customer service aspect was lacking. Since a heating expert must come to your home to provide the required service, it is easy to create a bad impression if the customer service isn’t there. Treating your home with respect, communicating openly and answering questions and being open about pricing are all factors that should always be present.

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Do I Need Annual Maintenance?

Many homeowners go year after year and don’t bother with furnace maintenance, and even though the systems will continue to run and provide heating, they won’t be nearly as efficient as they could be. Regular maintenance keeps your furnace clean and damage-free, so they can continue providing you with high quality heating. Maintenance also reduces your monthly heating bills because of the increase in overall efficiency.

Does Your Furnace Make These Sounds?

When it is running optimally, your furnace will make a constant humming sound that becomes soothing because you know it is associated with a warm household. Sometimes, if one or more components have been damaged, that nice hum might be replaced with a loud, obnoxious banging or knocking. It may only occur at certain parts of the heating cycle, and it might not be serious, but if you hear it you should call for professional attention.

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How a Dirty Furnace Filter Wastes Money

Ideally, you should have your furnace filter replaced every six months to a year. When it gets clogged up with dirt and dust the efficiency goes down and your monthly bills will go up. You’ll also be more susceptible to damage that needs costly repairs.

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