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No one likes to feel disrespected in their own home, but that is precisely how it feels if you have a plumber that shows up late, tracks dirt inside, won’t clean up his mess and doesn’t communicate openly. Even if the plumbing repair or installation is done correctly, you’ll still feel as though it was a negative experience, and won’t recommend that service provider to others. When you begin searching for a good local plumber, start your search with customer service in mind, then consider the technical skills.

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Slab Leak Repair Benefits

The main benefits of slab leak repair services include finding the exact location of the leak and repairing it without tearing up the basement and disrupting the household too much. When a slab leak occurs under the concrete floor of your basement, it can take a while before the signs start showing themselves. You may notice small patches of mold around the basement, damp carpets and drywall, condensation in spots it doesn’t belong and soft or soggy ground beside the house. When you notice these signs, especially if they are in conjunction with an elevated water bill, call a plumber for help.

Common Types of Water Filtration

Having a home water filtration system installed in your home can give incredible peace of mind knowing that every faucet in your house will supply you with clean water for drinking, bathing and cooking. Some of the most common home water filtration systems include carbon based filtration, reverse osmosis and water softening. Sometimes, a combination of more than one system is the answer you need, and a consultation with your local water quality expert will help you decide which method makes the most sense.

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  • Toilet Repair & Installation
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  • Water Filtration Systems
  • Commercial Plumbing
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