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Home Comfort: A Neglected AC May Be Keeping the House Hotter Than Necessary

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Ignoring Your AC Can Bring Unwanted Effects

If this summer is bringing up questions on why the AC is not maintaining a cool space inside the house, there may be some air conditioning services that require attention. Are the shades being kept drawn during the hot afternoons? How about ensuring the home’s insulation? When working properly, it should be keeping the cool air in and the hot air out.  

When everything is done right, but the house is still not at the desired temperature, other factors should be considered. The following are the other factors that may be affecting a home’s ability to stay cool, such as low refrigerant, a dirty AC unit, or potentially wrong installation.


Low Refrigerant For an AC Unit

An air conditioning unit simply cannot run without proper refrigerant. AC refrigerant is a gas that is stored in the unit’s copper coils; it plays a vital role in absorbing the heat produced in the unit, which then is turned into a liquid and moved out of the unit by its fan.

This process continues over and over until the home is properly cooled down. When the refrigerant is low, however, the entire process goes into a standstill.

Refrigerant is something only a professional can check and refill, so whenever there are signs of an AC not running as well as it should be, calling a technician out for assessment should be done right away. 

Low Refrigerant

A Dirty AC Unit May Be the Culprit

Keeping things like an AC unit clean can go a long way into making sure it remains working properly. Because the unit is (for the most part) outside of the home, maintenance on the device is often not thought about.

When a unit isn’t regularly kept free of dirt and debris on both the inside and outside, it can impede the flow of air into a house and cause issues with maintaining the cooler temperature where the thermostat is set.

Making sure to put air conditioning units on a regular cleaning schedule can assure homeowners of the HVAC’s efficiency. 

Dirty AC Unit

Dealing With a Wrong AC Installation 

It’s not something people like to consider, but what if the newer AC unit that was installed still doesn’t fix any problems? Unfortunately, it may be possible that a technician installed the brand new unit incorrectly and that it’s not running right.

It’s important when choosing a contractor to handle the placement of a new AC unit, that they are associated with a reputable company or have positive and satisfactory reviews showing that the technician has all the right permits and licenses; otherwise, the wrong AC unit installation is quite possible. 

Bad Installation

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