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Hair-Raising Heaters That Go Bump in the Night

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Have You Heard Spooky Sounds Coming From Your Furnace?

Checking on a furnace is scary! It’s especially scary when the unit is located downstairs, and the furnace itself is also making loud noises that aren’t heard every day. There is nothing to fear, though. The sooner the homeowner can understand what type of sound they’re hearing, the quicker the problem is fixed. And the faster the fix, the cheaper the total cost to the homeowner. 

Winters in the Pacific Northwest can be bitter and unforgiving, so all homeowners must have their furnaces properly maintained each spring or summer. For now, though, here is more information on the different sounds furnaces tend to make. 

Frightening Scraping and Grinding

Typically, the louder the sound, the more dangerous the outcome can be. If homeowners ever hear loud scraping or grinding noises, it is most likely caused by two metal pieces banging together or a loose piece flying around inside the furnace. Regardless, grinding noises are serious, and the furnace should be turned off immediately. A professional will then need to inspect it to ensure that the furnace is safe to use again. 

Different reasons for scraping and grinding: 

  • Blower Fan: The blower fan gets loose and starts grinding against the housing
  • A Bolt: A broken bolt flying around can get stuck in the motor or blower fan. 

Loud Banging Noises in the Night

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Typically, when a banging noise is heard in the home, the residents must determine its origins. This might be difficult to do, but a professional can figure it out to help make things a bit easier. Still, this all depends on where the noise is coming from.

For instance, if the banging comes from the ducts, it is typically harmless and stops on its own. However, it’s always better to be safer rather than sorry. 

A common reason for banging noise is an ignition failure. When fuel builds up in the unit, it explodes like fireworks and creates the banging noise heard by those in the household. 

Has Your Furnace Started To Screech?

Compared to the two noises mentioned above, it usually isn’t that big of a deal when a furnace screeches. In other words, the screeching noise is the easiest to fix, which is great news! 

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There are two main reasons why this occurs: 

  • An Old Belt: A belt that’s about to break will become squeaky
  • Faulty Bearings: The bearings could need to be repacked

While furnaces are not known as the quietest heating appliances around, they shouldn’t produce hair raising noises anytime they’re turned on. For homeowners dealing with these issues, it’s always best to work with a furnace repair company to restore functionality and ensure the system is safe to operate. 

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