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Guide to Heating And Air Conditioning Tools And What They Do

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HVAC Tools Used by Technicians

A lot of people wonder what kind of tools are needed for repairs and maintenance on HVAC units. Maybe you want to learn how to do HVAC maintenance on your own or you’re simply interested in knowing more about how your trusted HVAC professional care for your system; either way this article can help you get a better understanding of the kinds of tools used by HVAC professionals and why they are essential.

When choosing the right HVAC technician for your home’s system, ask them about the tools that they use to gain more insight into the quality of services they offer.

The Tool Box Essentials for HVAC Techs

essential toolsFor most HVAC jobs there are a few essential tools that you will need for every job. Having the right kind of screwdrivers, pliers, and wrenches are essential to taking apart and putting together all of the components of an HVAC system.

Pliers and clips are also essential for temporarily securing wires and connections, and bending malleable pieces of metal. Whether it’s a simple repair or a more complicated procedure or replacement, having a high-quality tool kit that includes a variety of screwdrivers, pliers, and a good quality hammer is required.

Different Kinds of Specialized Tools

For different jobs, you may need specialized tools. You may need a power drill, saw, or other power tools in order to create holes for new connections, etc. When heating and air are involved, a thermometer is essential for determining the exact temperature, preventing burns, and ensuring that the system is working correctly.

specialized tools

For cleaning, there are a variety of tools that may be required as well for reaching into the ducts or for replacing the air filters. A professional heating and air company will have a wide array of specialized tools at their disposal for handling any size job.

Number One Priority is Safety Precaution

safety precautionReal professionals know that even with extensive training accidents can happen, and they work diligently to prevent accidents. Safety precautions tools include things like slip-resistant shoes which prevent the technician from accidentally slipping and falling.

Not only could a fall cause serious injury to the worker, but it could also be a liability for the company and the homeowners. Heating systems have the most potential for accidents. Furnaces and other heaters can have super hot components which if accidentally touched will cause burns.

Technicians should wear the proper kind of gloves as well as flame-resistant clothing to prevent any sort of accidental burns. When you hire a technician for your HVAC system, be sure to ask about what kind of safety precautions they have in place.

If the technician does not have the proper safety gear, it is unwise to trust them to work on your system, as the liability for injury could fall on the homeowner in worst-case scenarios.

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