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Prep the Kitchen for Thanksgiving and Beyond

Most stores have seen shortages of products when demand is high, and as Thanksgiving approaches, there will likely be a shortage of turkey and cranberries too! Homeowners need to start preparing early for the holidays this year to avoid any product shortages and make sure they have everything they need for whatever kind of holiday celebration they’re planning. 

Besides shopping early for food and holiday decor, homeowners should also be proactive in preparing their kitchen for the upcoming holiday season. And not just by cleaning it, but by making sure all of the plumbing and various appliances are in good shape.

Do the Faucets Need Replacing?replacing

When people are getting ready to cook a Thanksgiving meal, they need running water and a properly functioning faucet. If the faucet isn’t working, it can be harder to access water and finish cooking the food. 

Homeowners should pay attention to these common signs that the faucet needs to be replaced:

  1. The faucet is constantly dripping
  2. The handles of the faucet are leaking
  3. There’s an excessive buildup of mineral deposits
  4. The faucet has started to rust

Impress Fussy Relatives With a New Kitchen Sink

Mothers-in-law often get a bad rap, but the truth is there are all kinds of fussy relatives in every family. It could be the parents, the spoiled sibling, the cranky cousin, or yes, the in-laws. Nothing seems to be good enough! But new appliances are bound to impress them and keep conversations light and happy during the holidays. This can start with a new kitchen sink.

fancy sink

If the current sink is old, outdated, or is starting to crack and corrode from water damage around the base of the sink and faucet, it’s time for the sink to be replaced. All kinds of efficient, new models will help impress those fussy relatives and ensure that holiday cooking is an effortless process.

Make Sure the Garbage Disposal Is Ready for Thanksgiving Dinner

After all that cooking and eating, the final stage of Thanksgiving dinner is the cleaning stage. Tables need to be cleared, food needs to be stored away in the fridge or taken home by guests, and dishes need to be cleaned. There might be some scraps left on every plate, even after dumping the big pieces into the garbage. Some scraps will make their way down the kitchen sink along with running water, so the garbage disposal needs to be ready to handle that big job and prevent any clogs from forming in the pipes.

If the garbage disposal has a bad smell that homeowners can’t get rid of, is making a loud screeching noise, or frequently requires using the reset button, there is something wrong with the device. It’s always best for the garbage disposal to be repaired or replaced before those beloved holiday meals. It's also important to be aware of the disposal's limits. Not just anything can go down there!

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