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Don’t Let Outdoor Plumbing Issues Interfere with Fun Spring Plans!

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Clogged Outdoor Plumbing Systems Can Turn Fun Outdoor Activities into an Expensive Mess

Spring is a great time to be outdoors, enjoying the new grass and all the wonderful smells in the backyard. The birds are chirping, and the landscape comes alive with brilliance. Yard work gets back in full swing, grills are set up, and those with green thumbs get to work in their gardens. But spring also brings more water. Sometimes this is in the form of rain, and sometimes, it’s the sprinkler system or the watering hose. 

Either way, outdoor plumbing systems are put to full use during this time of year. So it’s best to watch out for outdoor plumbing issues. 

Outdoor Plumbing Systems

At first glance, it may seem that the only outdoor plumbing system is that of the outdoor fixtures and the sprinkler system, but this isn’t usually true. Most homes have some sort of drainage system in the yard to help keep water from pooling around the foundation or building up at a certain part of the yard. The downspouts and gutters also help move water safely from the house. Plus, there are underground pipes used for transporting wastewater from the home. Some homes even have drains in the driveway to keep water from pooling. 

Any one of these systems can become clogged, which can cause all sorts of problems. A single malfunction can cause water to back up around the foundation or in the yard, effectively ruining the grass and creating a soggy mess that pets and children can then track into the house. Worse yet, underground drainage systems can become clogged and cause water to leak out underground long before the problem is noticed. 

How Outdoor Pipes Get Clogged


Outdoor pipes can become clogged in a number of ways. Sometimes roots seeking water can actually grow into a pipe through a small hole, expanding the hole and eventually clogging the drain. Most of the time, clogs are caused by leaves, dirt, twigs, and other organic debris getting caught somewhere in the pipe. 

Other times, simply forgetting to clean out drain grates or the catch basin can cause a massive buildup of organic material from the fall. Luckily, when it’s just a catch basin that’s clogged, the homeowner can empty the basin and solve the problem. Other times, outdoor plumbing clogs need a more powerful solution. 

Hydro-Jetting Can Clear a Pipe and Save the Yard

hydrojettingOne of the most powerful and safe ways to clear a clog is with hydro-jetting. This is done with special equipment that pressurizes water and allows the plumber to blast that high-pressure water jet into the clogged drain. This is usually enough to clear tough clogs and save the yard. However, sometimes it’s not enough.

Another way plumbers clear, tough clogs is with a special kind of plumber’s snake. These tools are designed to help cut through roots that may have grown into pipes, which can clear an obstruction that hydro-jetting couldn’t. Either way, it’s a good idea to contact a professional plumbing company to deal with outdoor plumbing issues. 

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