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Don’t Let a Water Leak Ruin Your Summer Fun

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Put an End To Water Line Leaks!

Summer should be a time for recreation and relaxation. Often homeowners find themselves spending less time at home during the summers by scheduling vacations or extra activities. The unfortunate risk of spending less time at home means less opportunity to catch plumbing problems before they do serious damage.

Before taking off on a summer vacation, take a moment to read up on some advice offered by local Seattle plumbers. Armed with knowledge, homeowners can have peace of mind that their homes are safe and will be ready for their return as they take some time off for summer fun.

Are Water Leaks Really Dangerous?

leaking pipe“Dangerous” may seem like a strong word for a little leak, but it is an appropriate description. Water leaks have numerous consequences that range from harmless to pretty destructive. Water line breaks, on the other hand, can usually cause lots of damage. Neither one should be taken lightly.

Water leaks and water line breaks are some of the main contributors to mold infestation in homes. Moisture is all that is needed to feed the growth of mold all over the house, including in hidden places like behind walls and underneath cabinets. Small leaks contribute significantly to mold growth, and the floods that water line breaks create can also cause a mold outbreak. Insect infestations like termites are usually quick to follow if the affected areas aren’t quickly dried out. As a result, even small water leaks could have drastic implications for the structure and safety of a home.

Why Do Water Leaks or Line Breaks Occur?

Despite the reliability of modern plumbing materials and methods, water leaks and line breaks are common problems. Most water line problems can be attributed to the following:

  • Mechanical Damage: A common cause of a line break is damage from an external force that might occur during renovations, repairs, or just everyday activity. Mechanical damage may unthread pipes or crush plastic piping.
  • Tectonic Activity: Shifting soils and vibrating earth can shift loads that sit on top of piping or cause stress around the joints of buried pipes.
  • Weather Changes: Like tectonic activity, expanding and shrinking soils due to seasonal rains or droughts can push and pull on pipes in unpredictable ways leading to water line breaks.
  • Poor Installation: Most slab leaks are caused by poor installation practices that lead to leaks after years of use. Faucets and pipe leaks can also be caused by careless installation.

How Professionals Stops Leaks

professional plumber kneeling by a counterBefore a leak can be stopped, it has to be located. That’s where things can get tricky. Piping in homes runs in places that can’t be accessed without a major ordeal, like under slabs and behind walls. For homeowners, they need the peace of mind that their home won’t be destroyed while trying to locate a leak. That’s where professional leak detection comes in.

Professional leak detection plumbers use special tools and techniques to ensure that they know exactly where a leak is before they cut into floors or walls. This minimizes the damage that is done during the repair process. After the leak is located, plumbers will repair the leaks and repair the damage with minimal interruption to the homeowners.

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