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These Plumbing Tips Could Save You Big on Your Water in 2018

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If you’re looking for ways to bring down your water bill in 2018 in Seattle, WA, you might be surprised to find that making small changes can make a big difference in the amount you pay for water.

You may not even realize ways that you and your family are wasting water. Here are some plumbing tips that could help you conserve water and reduce costs.

Take Showers Instead of Baths

ShowerTaking baths requires a lot more water than most people realize. The amount of water needed to fill the bathtub is usually about three or four times more than the amount needed to take a shower.

If you are already taking showers instead of baths, consider reducing the amount of time you spend in the shower.

While you are brushing your teeth, turn the water off. Encourage other members of your family to do the same things.

Locate and Repair Leaks

Water LeakWhile small leaks may seem to be unimportant, you may be surprised to learn you could be wasting hundreds of gallons of water in a month.

If your toilet runs regularly, water is also being wasted by that. When leaks or plumbing problems are repaired promptly, you can avoid spending money unnecessarily on wasted water.

Use Greywater on Plants and Trees

Water PlantsGently used water from the sink, tub or washing machine may be reusable to water plants or trees. Even though there is dirt or soap in this water, many plants do very well when watered with greywater.

If you wash your dishes with running water, catch the water in a basin and use it to water some of your plants. Talk to a local nursery or cooperative extension to find out local regulations and what plants do well when watered with greywater.

Wash Your Vehicles at the Carwash

Car WashDo you think washing your vehicles at the carwash is costly? Think again. When you wash a car, truck or van at home, it takes a lot longer than the time needed to go through an automatic car wash. By not running water continuously to wash your vehicles at home, you can reduce the amount of your water bill.

These are just a few examples of small changes that can have a noticeable impact on your water bill. Get in the habit of noticing where you or your family members are wasting water and try to use less. By doing this, you may find that you save big on your water bill in 2018.