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Springtime Plumbing Tips for Your Outdoor Systems

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Another winter season has come and gone in Seattle, WA, which means it’s time to get ready for spring cleaning. One of the most essential tasks is ensuring your outdoor plumbing is ready for the warm months. It’s the perfect time to perform routine maintenance so you can be assured your appliances will be ready when you need them most.

Make sure your outdoor plumbing is in top shape when temperatures begin to rise. Here are some springtime plumbing tips for your outdoor systems.

Outdoor Faucet Testing

Outdoor FaucetBefore you think about inspecting your hoses and connections, one thing you need to do is test your outdoor faucets. Just turn them on and off again.

If you find any of them are dripping, it could be a problem. The causes of this could be big or small, ranging from a busted pipe to a worn-out washer.

But the result is the same, which is potential water damage to your building and a hike in water consumption. You should reach out to a professional plumber immediately so they may diagnose and solve the problem.

Clear Out Your Home’s Eavestroughs

Home GuttersIt can be a dirty job, but one of the most important maintenance tasks related to outdoor plumbing is cleaning up the eavestroughs.

It’s common during fall for leaves to accumulate, and in winter more dirt and debris can pile on. This can result in blockages and clogs, which make it more difficult for water to pass through.

If your gutters aren’t cleared out before the first heavy rainfall, you could be subject to flooding and water damage to your home. Make sure your eavestroughs are cleaned once the snow melts.

Check All Your Hoses

Outdoor HosesCold winter temperatures can affect the status of your hoses and create holes and cracks. It’s always a good idea to inspect your hoses before using them to check for any leaks.

A leaky hose can lead to thousands of gallons of wasted water each month and a spike in utility charges.

Take a good look at every hose you have in storage and call for repairs if any of them have cracks or holes.

Operate the Sprinkler System

SprinklerThis one is pretty easy. If you run your sprinkler system for a few minutes, you should be able to spot any issues with the sprinkler heads right away.

Problematic sprinkler heads may simply need a thorough cleaning or might require repairs by a professional.

By following these tips, you can ensure your outdoor plumbing system will be ready for springtime and beyond. The best course of action is to be proactive when it comes to maintaining your home’s appliances.