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Make Your Permit the Priority When Starting a Home Plumbing Remodel

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Getting a permit is an absolute necessity when taking on home renovations, especially if your project involves your plumbing.

If you are planning for a kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel, your plumbing will most definitely be impacted, so be sure to include getting the proper permits on your to-do list.

Here is why getting a permit needs to be your top priority!

Work May Not Meet Safety Standards

“safetystandards”The most significant concern regarding doing work without a permit is that it might not meet the required safety standards.

When you do renovations with a permit, part of the process is that your work must pass periodic and final inspections, ensuring everything is safe and durable.

If you don’t have a permit, you won’t have those objective inspections. Without those inspections, you are opening yourself up to higher risks for structural damage from work that wasn’t done correctly. Is it worth putting your family and your home in harm’s way?

Licensed Professionals Prefer Permits

“noprofessional”There are a number of benefits involved in working with a licensed professional when doing your kitchen or bathroom remodel.

First, they are highly trained and certified, so you know that they know what they are doing. They are also accountable for their work.

Something you can be sure of when you are working with a reputable, licensed professional is the work will be up to industry standards, which means longer lasting, safer upgrades and less chance for repairs in the future. Working with a permit is just part of this process.

There’s Potential for Future Fines

“penaltyfine”Why include an extra cost for a permit if you are trying to stay on budget for your home renovations? If you cut corners on this now, you may be dealing with extra costs down the road in the form of fines.

If your unpermitted work is uncovered during a property inspection (such as those conducted during a property tax assessment, or if you want to sell your home) not only might you face fines, you might have to pay to have work done over again and according to code, doubling your costs! Save yourself the trouble and follow the permitting process. While not every home renovation project requires a permit, most do. To be sure, double check with the right department here in Seattle, WA.

As a rule of thumb, any work that requires changes to your home’s structure, for example, moving walls, adding or taking away parts of the house, updating electrical, plumbing, sewer lines, HVAC work, will need a permit. If you are doing something cosmetic, you should be ok without a permit, but ask first. Better safe than sorry!