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Keep the Viruses from Entering Your Home

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How Does Your HVAC System Affect Your Health?

Seattle, WA Flu Season TipsIn today’s world, everyone looks to their home’s HVAC system to keep them comfortable, be it staying cool in the summer or, warm in the winter.

However, many people don’t know to look to their HVAC system to help prevent the spread of airborne viruses during flu season as well.

Indoor Air Quality- Temperature, Filters, and Ducts

Depending on what temperature you have your system set at, you could be inviting the spread of viruses without even realizing it.

An unnaturally cool temperature setting on a central cooling system could cause the air in your Seattle home to be excessively dry.

That in turn can cause the lining in your nose and mouth to become dry as well, leading to an overproduction of mucus which can spread germs easily.

Dirty air filters and ducts can negatively affect your health as well. If you haven’t cleaned your ducts in a while, or changed your filters, your system could be pushing particulates out of your vents.

These particulates can be dust, mold, and other germs that thrive on dust and mold. All of these things will exacerbate symptoms for anyone suffering from a cold, flu or allergies in your Seattle home.

Not only will they feel worse, but the more that person sneezes, coughs or wipes a runny nose, the higher the chance for the spreading of those germs.

What Your HVAC Company Can Do To Help

If you’re concerned about the spread of airborne viruses via your HVAC System, contact your HVAC Company and request a service call from them.

They will come to your home and inspect your system to ensure that you have clean ducts and filters. They can change your filters and clean your ducts if needed.

Your HVAC Company can also make recommendations to you about the right temperature to run your system at and go over any options for humidifiers with you, if needed.

Your home’s HVAC System can do a lot more than just keep you and your family comfortable. It can also help keep you healthy. Contact your HVAC Company during this year’s cold and flu season to make sure your system is protecting you from the spread of airborne viruses.

Keep your Seattle, WA home free from germs of the flu season. Call Gene Johnson Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical today at 206.792.7495, to get tips on how to keep your home flu free.