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Is Your Boiler Ready for This Winter?

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Ways to Prepare Your Boiler for Winter

When warm weather is abundant and there’s no need to run a boiler, many people fail to realize it’s the best time to have it serviced.

By having the boiler checked over when it’s not needed, they can avoid unexpected surprises when the temperature drops below freezing.

Seattle, WA Boiler-ServicesBy having an HVAC technician check out the boiler for any potential problems, it can be very easy to sit back and enjoy a warm home on a cold winter night.

To make sure your Seattle boiler is fully prepared for winter, here are some tips to keep it in excellent condition.

Bleed the Radiators

Needless to say, if the heat cannot circulate well through a Seattle home, it’s not going to be very warm. To make sure the maximum amount of heat is drifting through a home, it’s necessary to bleed the radiators now and then.

By doing so, any air that is trapped is released, which creates a better flow of heat. To determine if the radiators need to be bled, check to see if they are hot on the bottom and cool on top. If that’s the case, it’s time to bleed them.

Check the Pipes

If there is one sure way to guarantee a boiler will not work on a cold night, it’s having its pipes freeze. The most important pipe on a boiler is the condensation pipe, which transfers condensation from the boiler to an outside drain.

However, if the pipe is frozen, that transfer cannot take place and the boiler will shut down. To make sure the pipe does not freeze, a technician can wrap it in a Styrofoam pipe insulation sleeve or use various types of heating tape to keep the pipe warm.

Clean the Boiler

If a boiler has dirt, dust, and other debris accumulate on it or inside of it over a period of time, the result is a boiler that will not work efficiently.

Along with this, debris can also cause blockages in outlets that may keep gases from being able to escape. To keep this from happening, a technician should be called to inspect the boiler and clean it inside and out.

By using special vacuuming tools, the technician can reach deep inside the boiler and get rid of dirt and debris that may accumulate in areas near openings and other parts. By giving the boiler a quick spot-check, many problems can be avoided.

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