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Realizing that every room in your Seattle home is at a slightly different temperature can be an annoying problem to deal with. For many homeowners, this is a sign that their HVAC system is in dire need of repairs or ready to be replaced completely. Before you invest in a new HVAC system, here is a look at some steps that you can carry out to improve your home’s efficiency.

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Schedule a Maintenance Call

In some homes, these issues are the result of an HVAC system that is not being properly maintained. During seasonal maintenance calls, your HVAC technician will be able to thoroughly inspect the system and find any issues that could be causing irregularities in your Seattle home’s temperature. This includes checking on the accuracy of your thermostat to see if that is the source of the problem.

Have Your Ducts Sealed

Even modern ducts can be inefficient over the full length of a home. Rooms that are closer to a heater or cooler might be at a completely different temperature than rooms on the other side of a house. One way to limit this heat transfer is to have the ducts sealed. This is a simple process that an HVAC company can generally carry out in just a few hours.

Replace Wall Thermostats With Wireless Thermostats

When homes are being made, many contractors will place the HVAC system’s thermostat in an inefficient location. This can result in certain rooms being at a drastically different temperature than the rest of the house. Wireless thermostats are a simple upgrade for any room and will send more accurate information to the furnace or air conditioner.

Upgrade to Radiant Heating

Radiant heating is not only a great way to keep a single room at a comfortable temperature, but it can also increase the value of your home. This heating system uses coils in the walls, floors, or along the floorboards to quickly heat a room. Unlike other heating systems that often take quite some time get a room warm, this technology provides immediate results and requires almost no maintenance once installed.

For families that continue to notice temperature fluctuations from room to room, it might be time to schedule an energy audit to discover what other issues are taking place. An auditor will provide you with a comprehensive look at some of the inefficiencies that can be found around your home.

With the help of an expert from Gene Johnson Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical, you can find out how to keep the temperature consistent in your Seattle, WA home. Just call 206.792.7495 today!