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How to Ensure a Happy and Healthy New Year in Your Home

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It’s the start of a new year and like many homeowners, you’re probably considering the potential upgrades you can make to your property. Why not start with solutions that can help keep everyone in your home healthy for the coming months?

In this latest post, we’ll outline several tips for improving your home plumbing systems and safeguarding the health of your family in 2017.

Harness Water Filtration

Using the latest water filtration products can help protect your family against the chemicals and contaminants found in our drinking water. A properly installed water filtration system can help protect your family and ensure you never have to go out and buy bottled drinking water again.

Whether you choose a water softener, a reverse osmosis system, or carbon-based filtration technology, the installation of water filtration systems can provide a great foundation for a healthy family.

Commit to Drain Cleaningclogged-drains

By working with local area plumbers and keeping your drain clean, you can help minimize the need for harsh chemicals in the cleaning process. Drains can quickly become clogged when items such as hair and tissues are flushed down into the system.

While household cleaning equipment can mitigate the drain problem for the short-term, the problem is likely to reappear without professional help.

And these household cleaning products will likely cause more damage to your home environment, as they contain harsh chemical irritants that can cause skin and breathing problems in the home. By turning to a specialist plumber for drain cleaning, you can help protect your home and your family!

Flush the Water Heater

Many homeowners assume their water heater can be left alone with little maintenance over many years. But this crucial home equipment requires extensive care. If you don’t work with a professional to flush the home water heater, you can minimize the amount of hot water in the home.

Flushing helps eliminate the lime-scale in the system and ensures the optimal storage space for water heating efficiency. Simply flush the system on a regular basis to ensure hot water is available throughout the home, as required.

Clean Faucets Regularly

By cleaning your faucets on a regular basis, you can remove some of the build-up that can impact the quality of your drinking water and allow dangerous microbes to settle in the area.

Most homeowners place dirty dishes in their sink and this can lead to germs developing in the sink space and on taps. To minimize the potential spread of these germs in the home, simply take the time once a month to clean your faucet space.

By learning more about how to safeguard your home, you can ensure your family remains happy and healthy throughout the year. To learn further tips for safeguarding your home plumbing systems, call our Seattle, WA team today at 206.792.7495.