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How to Check if You Have a Faulty Sewer Line

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You may use your sewer line numerous times each day, but you may not give it a second thought until something goes wrong with it. This is the large pipe that connects to all of the toilets and drains in your home, and it carries away all of the waste from these features into the main sewer line for your community. It essentially runs through your yard to the sewer line deep underground, and while this may seem like a protected area, the pipe can become damaged in a number of ways. With a closer look at three of the most common signs that your sewer line needs repair work completed, you may be ready to contact a plumber now before the issue turns into a more serious one.

sewer-line-repair-1Waste Is Eliminated Slower Than Usual

Clogs can develop anywhere in your plumbing’s waste pipes. For example, there may be a superficial clog just a few inches below the drain in the bathroom sink that causes the water to drain away more slowly than it should.

When a clog is forming in the main sewer line, the waste removal for the entire Seattle area home may be affected. This means that every toilet that you flush may be sluggish to remove waste, and it may mean that all of the sinks and bathtub basins drain water away slower than usual. This is in the event there is a partial clog, and a full clog will mean that waste cannot be evacuated from the home at all.

Keep in mind that a partial clog generally will not go away on its own, and the clog may grow larger over time until it fully clogs the pipe. With this in mind, a partial clog should be addressed quickly and properly by a licensed plumber.

There Are Signs of Sewage Waste in the Yard

Another common sign of a sewer line issue is when there are signs of sewage waste in the yard. This waste may be visible. For example, with a major leak in the sewer line, the waste may be spilling up and out of the yard into a large, stinky puddle.

In other cases, the actual waste may not be visible, but there may be signs that it is present. For example, you may be able to smell sewage waste even if you cannot see it. In some cases, the area where there is a leak is receiving more moisture and fertilizer from the sewer line, so it may be more lush and green than other areas of the yard. Keep in mind that this may be a smaller or larger area depending on the size of the leak. If you have noticed any of these signs of a sewer line issue, it is important to contact a plumber for assistance with the potential sewer line issue that you have.

 Seattle, WA sewer-line-repair-2Sewage Is Backing Up Into the Home

Another very obvious sign that you have an issue with your sewer line is when the sewage waste is backing up into the home.

Generally, this is the result of a major clog, but it can also be caused by a change in pressure in your pipes, such as from a leak in the pipe in your yard or elsewhere in the line. This is a serious problem because it exposes your property and your loved ones to sewer waste, which is unhealthy and which can cause water damage or worse complications to the property. This is considered to be a plumbing emergency, and it requires the response of a plumber who offers 24-hour emergency repair service.

How a Plumber May Diagnose and Repair the Problem

When you notice these common signs of a sewer line issue or when there are other common signs that are impacting your home, you may need to contact a plumber immediately so that diagnostic and repair service can be completed for you. A plumber may diagnose the problem using an advanced video inspection method. Through this process, a video camera is snaked down into the sewer line so that the plumber can visualize the problem and can locate it. This minimizes damage to the home during the repair process.

For clogs, hydro jetting is perhaps one of the most effective and common ways to clear the pipe. This process requires a forceful stream of water to penetrate through the pipes to clear away any debris. If there is a leak, relining or replacing the pipe are both options that your plumber may consider. With relining, the plumber can repair the pipe from the inside out, and this minimizes the amount of damage that needs to be done to the home or yard during the repair process.

Sewer line issues are unfortunately common, and this means that Seattle homeowners should be aware of what to look for to determine if they need to call a plumber.

It is best to contact Gene Johnson Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical in Seattle, WA at 206.792.7495 for repair service if you believe you have a plumbing issue.