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Features That Come with Your Heat Pump

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There are several technological features that are included in heat pump systems that make them more energy efficient. Some of these features are related to the fans and blowers, compressors and supplemental heating methods.

Compressors use much of the energy used by heat pumps so advances in compressor technology are appreciated.

Seattle, WA Heat-Pump-ServicesTwo Speed Compressors

Conventional compressors run in only one speed. Advanced, two speed compressors run in one of two different speeds depending on the demand.

This allows the heat pump in your Seattle home to use the most efficient compressor speed given the amount of heating or cooling needed at the time.

Two speed compressors use less electricity and avoid excessive compressor wear. Two speed compressors save energy especially when they run on the first stage, which is about half of the capacity of the compressor.

The compressor runs more efficiently on the first stage, and humidity is removed from the home better. Two speed compressor heat pumps work well with dual zoned systems found in larger homes.

Dual Speed Fans and Blowers

Dual speed fans in the outdoor unit and dual speed blowers in the inside unit are good companion technologies to the two speed compressors.

Dual speed blowers are effective for more air movement time which is helpful for more uniform temperature within the home and reduced noise. The dual speed blowers also help to reduce humidity in the home. The lower fan speed moves air more efficiently and saves electricity.

Supplemental Heating Methods

Heat pumps can sometimes not deliver adequate heat during times of extreme cold. Heat pump manufacturers addressed this issue initially using electric heating strips placed in the air handler. The drawback to this approach is that the heat pump uses significant more electricity when the heating strips are in use.

Another advance in heat pump systems is the inclusion of an alternative to the original electric heating strips. Some units use supplemental heating methods such as natural gas, heating oil or propane. These heat pumps are sometimes called hybrid heat pump systems.

Natural gas is a good choice as a supplemental heating method since it is economical and environmentally friendly due to reduced carbon output.

Heat pumps have become much more efficient since they were first introduced in the 70s and 80s and can be an excellent choice to heat and cool your Seattle home.

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