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Fall Home Maintenance Issues

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There are a few major problems that property owners can prevent with regular maintenance check-ups from their plumbing specialist. No one wants to have their main sewage drain back-up into his or her Seattle home, especially when it is too cold to have the windows open to air out the smell.

Seattle, WA fall_home_maintenanceBroken pipes and small fractures can lead to flooding and dangerous mold growth. Water heaters that are filled with mineral deposits cannot hold enough liquid to maintain hot water for a regular shower.

Main Sewer Drain Clogs

When the main drain becomes clogged, there will be noises in the Seattle home that help a property owner realize that they need to call a professional.

If the toilet gurgles after the washer is finished spinning out, then there could be a problem. When wet spots begin showing up around the drain in the basement, tree roots or other debris could be clogging the lines.

An expert can inspect the lines with a camera that bends to maneuver through the pipes until it reaches the clog. The plumber can see what and where the problem is located and suggest an appropriate repair. Left alone, a clogged drain will eventually back up into the home causing a smelly disaster.

Leaking Pipes

A leaking pipe can be a time bomb waiting to go off. Tiny cracks and pinholes expand with winter temperatures. A little problem can become a massive ordeal when temperatures fall.

Most homeowners can see the pipes under sinks to inspect them for cracks and corrosion, but only an expert can identify problems behind the walls and under the floors of a building. Leaks can also cause mold growth that over time can become dangerous and even deadly in some cases.

Cold Showers

No one wants to be rushed out of the shower because the hot water ran out. Lyme and other mineral deposits from hard water can build up in water heaters reducing the capacity they can maintain.

Over time, these deposits can clog faucets, hoses, and pipes creating lower water pressure and degradation of the unit.

Anyone who thinks they have an issue with their plumbing should always contact a professional for a free estimate. An expert can find small leaks, clogged drains, and water heater problems before they become major disasters.

A regular preventive maintenance schedule is critical to protect homes and businesses before and during cold winter months.

If it can go wrong, it will – unless you keep up with a regular maintenance schedule. Call Gene Johnson Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical at 206.792.7495 to get your Seattle, WA home inspected.