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Conserve Water This Earth Day With The Help of Your Local Plumber

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Utilize Local Plumbing Services To Waste Less Water

Many homeowners focus on saving electricity, but there’s another issue that seems to be placed on the back burner. This issue is water wasting. People don’t realize how much water they’re really wasting when they leave the water running while brushing their teeth, doing the dishes, and showering.

The EPA estimates that the average American family uses 400 gallons of water per day. Equipping the home with efficient appliances can help conserve a little bit of water each day. There are also more cost-effective methods that can help save water.

Inspect Plumbing Thoroughly

If a homeowner isn’t sure why their water bill is so high or why their water pressure is on the fritz, they can call in their local plumber to inspect the pipes throughout the home. The plumber will do what’s called an audit on water usage. They can check the pipes and drains for leaks where water could be wasted. Additionally, they can check for leaks within the walls of the home with a special device that detects cols spots.

Detecting Water Leaks Early

water leak GeneHomeowners may not know something’s wrong until it’s too late. They may see water pooling on the floor, notice soft patches of sheetrock, or see a massive utility bill that they’re not used to. If this happens, the homeowner can get in touch with their local plumber.

The plumber will come to the home with special equipment such as listening discs and microphones. They will use these with acoustic amplifiers to hear leaks that may be too quiet for an ear to hear alone. They may also use video cameras and fiber optic cables with lights on them that can fit through pipes of all different sizes. The video feed is then sent back to a monitor for the plumber to view.

Does The Toilet Need Repair or Replacing?

toilet repair GeneA running toilet can be one of the leading causes of high water bills. Some homeowners may not notice it, while others can hear the sound of running water from in the bathroom after flushing the toilet. They may even notice condensation forming on the tank of the toilet as well. A plumber can come into the home and inspect the toilet.

Once a leak or crack is detected, they can either repair or replace the toilet with a water-efficient one. These usually have two flushing methods in which one uses more water than the other. If a new toilet isn’t necessarily needed, then a repair may be done. The plumber will inspect the flapper to ensure it’s working properly. If it’s not, they will replace it for you. This is a more cost-efficient way to repair the running toilet.

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