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Clogging Challenges?

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It is almost inevitable that every Seattle household must face sink clogging challenges. When a stinking odor starts emanating from our dear sink and water would not drain off smoothly as usual (fast overflowing), that’s when the services of a plumber are so precious. Pouring of small particles like waste food crumbs and oils causes blockage of the sink pipes, this causes frustration and discomfort in cleaning activities.

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Disjointing of Drain Pipes

Clogging happens when the solid waste materials do not make it down the drain pipes. The most effective way is by opening the pipe joints at the sink and its main drain pipe and manually clearing off the clog. The type of joint will determine the kind of tool to use for opening it. A pliers or chisel and hammer are the most common tools used. A flexible rod is pushed down the pipe repetitively to shove the waste materials out and the pipes re-fixed.

Driving Down the Pipe with a Drain Auger

A drain auger, commonly known as drain snake is a long flexible metal cable with a cylindrical cone shaped auger at its tip. Its flexibility is useful in navigating the twist and turns of a pipe. The cone shaped auger hooks onto the clogs hence pulling them back or forcing them farther away.

The snake cable is pushed down the pipe for a significant distant; the crank is slowly turned in a clockwise direction until the clog is felt. An electric drill can be fixed to the crank to easily rotate the snake until the clog is hooked out. Lots of water is usually poured at full force to make sure the pipe is all clear.

Use of Plungers and Chemical Solutions

A plunger performs by taking advantage of creating a vacuum to increase atmospheric pressure. It is placed over the drain making sure the rubber head is firm over the sink to create a seal and pushed down until the rubber head inverts. By repetitive stroking, the clog eases and allows water to flow.

Sometimes, the clog is caused by solidification of liquids like oils and grease. Chemicals that cause rapture to their bonds like sodium hydroxide and sulfuric acid can be poured down with caution and expertise to unclog the drains. The right amount should be used to avoid corrosion of the pipes and environmental pollution.

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