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Benefits of Radiant Heating

When choosing home heating, you will discover you have several options. Before you decide what to install, make sure to consider radiant heating. Here is more information about this heating system.

Seattle, WA Radiant Heating ServicesHow Radiant Heating is Different

Common home heating systems include forced air and mini-split heating. Forced air heating relies on ductwork to carry heated air into the home.

Mini-split systems use copper tubing to connect an outdoor compressor and condenser to an air handler located indoors.

Radiant heating differs in that it does not heat by adding warmed air into the Seattle home. Instead, heated coils or tubing warm the home by radiating heat into the space. The effect is like feeling warmth radiate through a window on a sunny day or from a fire in a fireplace.

Types of Radiant Heating

Radiant heating consists of heated electric coils or tubes filled with heated liquid that network through panels beneath the floor or behind the walls or ceiling.

The systems that use liquid will also have a heating source, such as a boiler or a water heater. The most common placement for radiant heating is the floor or walls with radiant flooring being the most popular.

Benefits of Radiant Heating

Greater energy efficiency: Forced air heating loses some heat as it passes through ductwork. Radiant heating directs heat where it needs to be without this energy loss. This can mean lower energy bills and a more comfortable Seattle  home environment.

Better Air Quality: Traditional heating systems that blow warmed air through vents dry everything out in winter, which irritates sinuses and leaves the home’s occupants more susceptible to viruses.

In addition, dirty air flowing through dirty air filters or ductwork force dust and other air pollutants into the home. Radiant heating doesn’t contribute to poor air quality and is an ideal heating option for many allergy sufferers.

Radiant Floor heating keeps floors toasty: If you choose radiant floor heating, you can say goodbye to cold floors in winter.

Radiant heating is quiet: Forced air heating can be noisy when it cycles on and off. Radiant flooring does not produce the noise common to many heating systems. Most of the time, the only way you will know it is on is by the warmth you feel.

Home comfort: Those who prefer radiant heating often list comfort as one of the decisive factors. Radiant heating feels natural, it does not dry out the skin the way forced air can and the warmth is evenly distributed throughout the space.

If you are not sure whether radiant heating is right for your home as the sole heat source, you might consider combining it with other heating types. After installation, radiant heating lasts for many years and you have little to lose by trying it.

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