History of Gene Johnson Plumbing

In 1976, Gene and Valerie Johnson decided to start a plumbing company. While many people invent a name for a business, Gene decided to name his new company "Gene Johnson Seattle Plumbing & Heating," stamping his approval on every facet of the business and putting his name and reputation on the line. Gene was committed to the integrity and quality of each job and dealt sincerely and honestly with each customer.

This brought a sense of pride to the entire family as we grew up. As the five of us started school, we saw our dad's big white trucks with big bold ruby red letters and big GJP logo drive by on its way to help someone with a plumbing problem. We interacted with and met people whom our dad had helped at some point along the way.

As we grew, we began to participate in the family traditions. In 1986, we were "princes and princesses" on a Seafair Parade float. We wore ribbons across ur chests proclaiming the company standards: Integrity, Pride, Sincerety, Honesty, and Quality. Soon after, we began to work at the shop; cleaning, helping with simple tasks, and working alongside our parents.

Now, that pride of ownership has become even more personal, as some of us are taking responsibility for the continued success of the company.

In a day when plumbers are not always trusted, and faith is often broken, Dennis and Kimberly have staked their own livelihoods and reputations on the company. No longer is it "Dad's truck", it's "our truck". Instead of "my dad fixed that lady's plumbing" it's "we fixed that lady's plumbing." We are the second generation, taking ownership and personal pride in the work performed in our communities.

With our family name prominent in the communities we serve, you can bet that the Gene Johnson family is proud to carry on the standards ingrained in us as youths. We are also committed to the integrity and quality of each job and to dealing sincerely and honestly with each customer.