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A Neglected AC May Be Keeping the House Hotter Than It Needs to Be

If you find yourself wondering this summer why your home’s temperature is staying so high, despite all your efforts, you may have some Air Conditioning services that require your attention. Are you keeping the shades drawn during the hot afternoons? How about ensuring your home is properly insulated in order to keep the hot air out and cool air in?

If you feel like you’re doing everything required and it’s still not enough, it’s time to consider some other factors. In this article, we’ll take a look at things that may be affecting your home’s ability to stay cool, such as low refrigerant, a dirty AC unit, or the potentially wrong installation of your unit.

You May be Low on Refrigerant for Your AC Unit

lowrefrigerantYour air conditioning unit simply cannot run without proper refrigerant. AC refrigerant is a gas that is stored in your unit’s copper coils; it plays a vital role in absorbing the heat produced in the unit, which then is turned into a liquid and moved out of the unit by its fan.

This process continues over and over until your home is properly cooled down. When you have low refrigerant, however, this entire process comes to a standstill.

Refrigerant is something only a professional can check and refill, so if you feel your AC may not be running as well as it should be, call a technician out for assessment right away. It may be something as simple as refilling your unit’s refrigerant!

A Dirty AC Unit May Be Your Culprit

dirtyunitKeeping things like your AC unit clean can go a long way into making sure it remains working properly. Because your unit is outside of your home, maintenance on the device is often not thought about.

When your unit isn’t regularly kept free of dirt and debris on both the inside and outside, it can impede the flow of air into your home and cause issue with maintaining the cooler temperature you have your thermostat set at.

Make sure to put your AC unit on your regular cleaning schedule and you’re sure to see an improvement on its efficiency.

What if You’re Dealing With a Wrong Installation on Your AC Unit?

badinstallationIt’s not something you’d like to consider, but what if you have a newer AC unit installed on your home and you’re still experiencing higher than normal temperatures within your home? Unfortunately, it may be possible that your technician installed your brand new unit incorrectly and that it’s not running right.

It’s important that when you choose a contractor to handle placement of a new AC unit that they are associated with a reputable company or have positive and satisfactory reviews and that the technician has all the right permits and licenses; otherwise, you may be looking at a wrong installation of your AC unit.

If your home’s AC unit doesn’t seem to be keeping things cool enough this summer, contact Gene Johnson Plumbing & Heating and we can have a technician come out right away to assess what’s needed to get it back on track. It could be something as simple as more refrigerant needed, or an entirely new system may require installation. Either way, our experienced technicians can help!

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