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Experience a Fresh Take on Boilers with these 6 Fun Facts

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Purchasing a boiler can be a big decision for homeowners in Seattle, WA, so it is best to get an evaluation from an HVAC before you decide to go ahead and put down the $3000 or more that it can cost for a boiler replacement.

This means that you need to understand a bit about how a boiler system actually works. Your home needs to have sufficient pipes and water pressure and water in place or the unit won’t operate efficiently.

Natural gas is also the preferred fuel for operating newer boilers, which are now the greenest choice, cheapest and most efficient choice for heating your home. Here are a few things about boilers that you should be aware of before you make any decisions to buy one.

Fact 1 – Boilers Are Not Meant to Boil Water

Boiler QuestionOne of the biggest misconceptions about boilers is that the water inside your home’s pipes actually needs to be boiling in order worker.

The reality is that the water need only be between 60 degrees and 70 degrees in order to be hot enough to produce radiant heat.

When you begin to heat water to a temperature that is any higher, your heating bill will escalate because it takes more natural gas to heat water to 140 degrees.

Fact 2 – Boilers Don’t Produce Moist Heat

HumidityDon’t believe the old wives’ tale that a boiler makes the air in your home more humid.

The air is dry and warm and there is no danger of any kind of water condensation, peeling wallpaper or mold behind your walls because of more humidity in the air.

Modern HVAC systems with state-of-the-art temperature controls will help you set your temperature and humidity to the levels that match your personal preference.

Fact 3 – Water Pressure Affects the Operation of a Boiler

Water PressureIt’s not a good idea to purchase a new condenser boiler if your home does not have sufficient water pressure, you must have a plumber assist you.

They will measure the current water psi (pounds per square inch) in your home and if it is less than 15 psi, then you may need to upgrade your water pressure before installing the new boiler.

This is usually accomplished by widening the pipe to the city water main that supplies water to your home.

Fact 4 – Modern Boilers Are Green and Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient BoilerModern condenser boilers are incredibly efficient because 90% of the water and energy used to operate them is recycled through the home.

Furthermore, a modern condenser boiler does not allow heat or toxins to escape from the contained unit.

This means that your indoor air will be less polluted by particulates and fumes from burning fuel (as was the case with oil furnaces).

These units use as little natural gas as possible to operate, which in turn also helps conserve earth’s natural resources.

Fact 5 – Modern Boilers Can Save You Money

Save MoneyIf you keep the temperature turned down, a new condenser boiler can help you save up to 90% on your energy bill.

Of course, this depends on a lot of factors, such as whether or not the home is drafty and what temperature you set the thermostat at.

The lower your temperature, the more money you save.

Fact 6 – Modern Boilers Are Simple to Operate and Easy to Understand

Working BoilerTo operate your boiler, all you need to do is press a switch. This triggers an ignition to light the flame of natural gas that will in turn heat the water in your radiant heating pipes.

The hot water expands and then travels throughout the channels in your home, heating all of the floors. When that water cools it then returns back down to the boiler to be heated again and the cycle is repeated.

Hopefully, this fresh information about boilers will help you make better decisions about purchasing one in the future. Consult with an HVAC expert to make the most informed decision regarding your heating situation.

Sometimes you can get away with inexpensively retrofitting your current boiler but sometimes a new boiler and an upgrade to your entire heating and water pressure system are required.