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4 Useful Tips for Furnace Maintenance

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Although the Seattle, WA area may be known for having a mild climate, any long-time resident will attest that the winters can often be freezing. So, to keep your household comfortable during the cold season, keeping your furnace effective and efficient is imperative. If you want your heating system to consistently provide great results, you need to be proactive and stay on top of maintenance. Here, we’ll go over a few simple ways that you can improve your furnace’s performance. If you’re in the greater Seattle area, you can always count on Gene Johnson Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical for reliable heating services.


#1 – Replace the Air Filter Regularly

For your furnace to function smoothly and efficiently, it needs to have a clean air filter. That filter has the important role of trapping airborne contaminants before they can be cycled into the system and around your home. But, if you don’t replace the air filter with a clean one periodically, it will become very dirty and, eventually, clogged. When a furnace has a clogged air filter, its airflow becomes severely restricted. That makes it harder for the appliance to do its job, wastes energy, and increases the chances of mechanical failure.

So, to keep your furnace in great condition, you need to switch out the air filter at least once every couple of months during the cold season. And whenever you’re using the heater regularly, you should monitor the status of the filter and change it before it gets too dirty.


#2 – Schedule Yearly Tune-Ups

Scheduling a professional tune-up each year is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your furnace. At Gene Johnson, our technicians will be happy to take care of your professional furnace maintenance. During this service, we’ll clean your heating system, make adjustments to improve its performance, and conduct a comprehensive inspection. We’ll check the condition of all the important components to see if anything needs to be repaired or replaced. If our team finds any current problems or red flags indicating future issues, they’ll take the necessary preventative measures to take care of them. When you schedule one of these tune-ups every year, your furnace will keep you more consistently comfortable and run more efficiently. Plus, it will be much less likely to experience malfunctions or breakdowns, and it may even have a longer productive lifespan.


#3 – Have Your Ducts Cleaned

For your furnace to do its job effectively, it relies on the air ducts in your home being clean and in good condition. As long as the ducts are clean, they provide clear pathways for the furnace to consistently circulate warm air. However, contaminants like dust, dirt, mold, and pollen can accumulate inside your home’s ductwork over time. Eventually, enough contaminants may build up to start obstructing the airflow of your heating system. Then, the furnace has to increase its air pressure to push through the blockage, which requires extra energy and causes your heating bills to rise. This can also result in uneven temperatures around your household.

Fortunately, you can hire local ductwork professionals to thoroughly clean your air ducts. They’ll remove the contaminants that have accumulated, and during that process, they’ll be able to check the ducts for leaks or other problems. Ideally, you should schedule this service every two or three years to keep your heating and cooling appliances running at peak efficiency.


#4 – Seal Household Air Leaks

Although you might not be aware of them, there may be multiple air leaks around your home. Typically, these openings will be located around the edges of windows and doors, and they can cause trouble for your furnace. Even the smallest leaks will allow warm air to escape your living space. And when that happens, your heating system has to work harder to compensate for the loss. So, allowing these air leaks to linger can put extra strain on your furnace, worsen your comfort, and cause your energy bills to increase. Before the Seattle weather gets too chilly, inspect your home’s doorways and windows for any leaks. If you find any gaps, you can seal them with caulking and weather stripping from the hardware store.


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