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Trust a Superhero Plumbing to Save Your Home From Dirty, Contaminated Water

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Having access to clean water is an essential part of life. Having reliable delivery for that water from its source into your home is also essential. You see, it is possible for your water to get contaminated as it travels through your pipes.

That’s why you need to have a solid connection with your local Seattle, WA plumber, who can protect your family from the complications associated with waterborne illness. It all starts with your plumbing and water filtration system. You also need your plumbers help to step up your water conservation efforts, by helping you deal with wasteful plumbing leaks.

Water Conservation: What is Your Plan?

fix leak to save waterOne important part of water conservation is able to identify and fix leaks quickly to diminish water waste. Be proactive with this initiative by adopting a routine where you inspect your home regularly for leaks.

Start in the basement around your water heater and move through your home, room to room. Don’t forget to open up cabinetry under sinks to look for hidden moisture.

Also be sure to check the integrity of connector hoses on your washing machine and your dishwasher. Changing your attitude towards water use can help reduce your overall water footprint.

In the kitchen, fill a jug with water and keep it in the fridge, rather than running the tap. Use one drinking glass a day to reduce the number of dishes you need to wash. Only run the dishwasher when it is full.

When you are waiting for the shower to heat up, use a bucket to gather the water and use it to flush the toilet after. Reduce the need to flush the toilet by only putting what is necessary for it.

Health Issues and Unclean Water

health issues due to unclean waterIf you’ve had contaminated water to drink, you can expect to start suffering from flu-like symptoms within about 24 to 48 hours. You may contract Hepatitis A, giardia, salmonella e-coli, and dysentery and ear infections.

You are at higher risk of developing long-term, more serious health problems like cancer or kidney, liver, neurological or respiratory problems.

Don’t Let Your Plumbing be a Problem

make water extra cleanIf your home predates 1980, your pipes may contain lead. This is problematic because lead leaches easily into your water from your pipes. If you discover that you have lead pipes, it is a worthwhile health and financial investment to upgrade your pipes to either PVC or copper.

PVC is more durable and rust resistant, but copper is chemically suited to keep germs from prospering. To make your water extra clean, get a water filtration system put in. You’ll never use bottled water again.