Touch-Free Service™

Your safety has always been our top priority. As a part of that commitment to your health and safety, Gene Johnson Plumbing and Heating is now offering Touch-Free Service™ on every call.

Our Touch-Free Service™ will include:

  • When we are on the way to your home, you will receive a link via text to our “technician tracker” so you’ll have time to prepare your space. For example, you may want family members to move out of the work area(s) or isolate in another part of the home as desired before your technician arrives.
  • We are practicing social distancing during all interactions, maintaining 6 feet of distance from customers.
  • We will wear masks, gloves, and shoe covers when entering your home.
  • Whenever possible*, we will use software and technology to share quotes, get your approval for work, and receive payments so that you don’t have to touch our devices or pens.
  • Every technician will perform a cleaning and sanitization procedure BEFORE and AFTER every service call, including cleaning their hands and tools, for mutual protection and safety.
  • Every technician will disinfect and clean their workspace after the job is done.

*Requires that customers have access to email. Otherwise, authorization to proceed (including work to be done and amount) will be attained through a recorded phone call attached to the job record.

  • Best Practices to Maintain Social Distancing:

    All field personnel will:

    • Be conscious to remain at least 6 feet away from customers and other people at the office and job site. This includes apprentices and other employees.
    • Knock and/or ring the doorbell and then step back to allow at least 6 feet of distance to the entrance.
    • We will not shake hands during this time. We will refrain from handing business cards directly to the customer.
    • If a customer or another person is too close, politely ask them to step back for their own safety and protection to keep recommended social distancing practices of at least 6 feet in place.
  • Best Practices for masks, gloves, shoe covers, and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

    All field personnel will:

    • Be required to wear gloves, masks, and shoe covers upon arriving and entering the home or business of our client. This is as much for the safety of our clients as well as our plumbers, technicians, apprentices, and their own families. Field personnel will be sure to use fresh shoe covers and fresh gloves and will change as necessary to eliminate cross-contamination.
    • Wear face shields, eye protection, gloves, AND masks whenever a drain cleaning or jetting machine is in use. They will also wear face shields when other splashing hazards exist such as cutting open a drain line, and/or opening up a wet ceiling for example.

  • Estimate Approval and Payment Collection:

    • Estimates are emailed to our customer for viewing and approval on their own device. At this time we will use a recorded phone call attached to the job to attain approval for work to be done. The technician will call the customer at their phone number in Service Titan and have the customer verbally approve work to be done. The call will be recorded for verification purposes.
    • Payment collection is done through online payments from the invoice screen. Once the task is on the invoice, an email of the invoice can be sent to the customer. An online payment link will be included in that email. The customer may pay half the amount or put half down within the online payment link for equipment installation or bigger projects. The technician will verify payment has been received on their iPad. They may need to sync actions to refresh the invoice page. Credit card information may also be collected over the phone.
    *Requires that customers have access to email. Otherwise, authorization to proceed (including work to be done and amount) will be attained through a recorded phone call attached to the job record.

  • Tool/Truck Cleaning & Sanitization Procedure:

    All field personnel will:

    • Use bleach or disinfectant cleaner on all tools, outside of the client’s property. The technician WILL NOT use bleach inside of homes or businesses ever. Inside homes and businesses, they will use Lysol or similar disinfectant cleaner that is safe for all surfaces.
    • Clean their truck’s door handles, steering wheels, gear shifters, keys, phones, Ipads, or any other commonly touched surface after each service call.
    • Clean hands with soap and water and/or hand sanitizer after each service call.
    • Clean drain and sewer machines with bleach after every use, including the cables.

  • Wipe Down Procedure:

    All field personnel will:

    • Clean and wipe down all surfaces of the work area prior to and after work has been completed.
    • Use Lysol or other disinfectant cleaners that is safe for all surfaces is to be used. They will check with the customer prior to cleaning to set expectations. Some clients do not want chemicals to be used inside of their home. If a disinfectant cleaner is not to be used, they will wipe down and clean the area as normal with Simple Green if allowed.

  • Other Thoughts:

    All field personnel will:

    • All field personnel will protect their own home and family after work hours. It is recommended that work clothes be removed in a safe area and for them to not come in contact with family or housemates in their own dwelling. We strongly recommend our technicians to remove their work clothes and bathe immediately following work before any other activities.
    • Remember, we are all in this together. We do not know where our clients have been or who they have been in contact with. These steps are as important to protecting our employees’ health as well as our customers.
    • When at the office, no field personnel will enter the upper office space for any reason for the foreseeable future. Each time a field employee enters that space, it will be thoroughly cleaned to protect the health of the office employees that still must visit from time to time and their families.

We’re taking all the steps necessary to keep you and your loved ones safe. If you have any questions, our team is here and happy to answer them! Just call our office at 206.792.7495.