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Top 4 Ways To Protect Your Pipes and Drains

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As pet owners everywhere know, there is plenty of work involved in taking care of their dogs and cats. Whether it means giving them a bath each week, changing their litter box on a daily basis, or making sure they always have fresh food and water, there’s little doubt pet parents go above and beyond the call of duty.

However, in doing so they sometimes do things that can create unnecessary plumbing problems in the home. To make sure none of the following problems develop, take a look at some of these important suggestions for keeping drains and pipes clean.

Seattle, WA Drain Cleaning ServicesCover All Drain Openings

One of the biggest mistakes pet owners make is leaving the drain openings of their Seattle homes uncovered. When they do this, kittens are especially prone to walking into them to see what’s inside. Unfortunately, many of them become stuck inside the drain, prompting a call to a plumber for a search and rescue mission.

In addition to this, pipes that are exposed are prime candidates to be chewed on excessively by puppies, which can lead to pipes that are so badly damaged they require replacing. To prevent these mishaps, have a plumber install drain covers and cover up or rearrange the layout of any pipes that may be exposed to pets.

Drain Strainers: A Key Piece of Equipment

When bathing your cat or dog, make sure as little hair as possible gets down the tub’s drain. If enough hair escapes down there, large clogs can form that will require a plumber’s expertise to clean. Rather than let this happen, use a good-quality drain strainer that is made to contain pet hair.

These strainers, which have extremely small holes close together, do an excellent job. While they may cost a little more than a regular sink strainer, they are much cheaper than having a plumber come for a service call to unclog the pipes.

Be Finished With Flushing

If you want to guarantee you’ll have major plumbing problems, flush flushable litter down the toilet. The litter, acting like concrete, will harden in the pipes and be very difficult to remove. Instead, simply toss the used litter in the nearest trashcan.

And speaking of toilets, don’t let the dog use the toilet bowl as his private water dish. If he does, his hair will find its way down into the pipes as well, creating yet more clogs in your Seattle home.

Don’t let your fluffy pup clog up your drain! If you need drain cleaning in your Seattle, WA home call Gene Johnson Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical at 206.792.7495 today!