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The True Lessons Mom Gave You

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Our mothers are the backbones of our families. They take care of the babies, take care of the house, and take care of the bills. It can be easy to overlook everything that our moms do and have done for us which is why Mother’s Day is so important.

On this special holiday, we can pause our busy schedules to show love and gratitude for all the special mothers in our lives who give so much of themselves to make us feel loved and comfortable.

Mothers often get a bad rep for all of the “nagging” they tend to do, but in retrospect, we can see that behind all of the chores and restrictions, lay a set of values and life lessons that follow us throughout our life journey. Especially those rules and tips our moms gave us to teach us how to keep a clean house, with clean air.

“No Fire!”

dontdothatAs adults, we can all relate to the childlike fascination of fire and how it drastically alters anything it touches. However, our moms were never too fond of our likeness towards danger and would do everything in their power to keep us away from it.

Although we still enjoy using fire for cooking, lighting candles, or other resourceful uses, the fumes from a fire can wreak havoc on our lungs and in our homes if we’re not careful. The dangerous fumes can also severely damage our homes’ HVAC systems if the fire gets out of control.

For The Love Of Flowers…

gardeningA common love of all mothers worldwide is the blissful hobby of gardening and caring for plants and flowers. If your mother ever owned a garden or other indoor plants, she was dramatically improving the air quality in your home even if she didn’t know it.

Plants reduce carbon dioxide levels in the home, making it easier and cleaner to breathe. They also help with regulating temperatures and reducing airborne dust levels.

Dust can be an arch enemy to our home’s HVAC system so by having house plants, you are doing your HVAC system a huge service.

“Vacuum That Floor!”

vacuumfloorIf you were assigned household chores while growing up, chances are you’re familiar with the importance of vacuuming. This especially reigns true if you owned pets as shed fur is a major culprit for allergies and illnesses contracted at home.

However, our bodies aren’t the only ones suffering from pet hair and dust bunnies. As mentioned above, our HVAC systems are at risk from these factors as well and the presence of them make our systems work a lot harder to do their jobs.

This Mother’s Day, do something special for the strong women in your life in whatever ways are most meaningful to you. Whether you take her out to dinner, buy her a bouquet of her favorite flowers, or just pick up the phone to say thank you for all the lessons she’s taught that you still keep with you today! Remember, every mom likes hearing those three, sweet words. You were right!