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Make Summer Drinks Even MORE Refreshing With Filtered Water

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Why Filtered Water Is THE BEST For Summer Drinks

What better way to enjoy a summer day than sipping fresh iced tea under an umbrella? Or what could be more satisfying than a glass of ice-cold water after a day in the sun? How about pure, delicious water that leaves the body refreshed and revitalized? There’s more to purified drinking water than just clean drinking. Keep reading to discover the benefits of investing in a water purification system!

Purified Water Takes Taste to the Next Level  


Tap water has questionable additives and chemicals floating around in it, ranging from lead to arsenic – yeah, the stuff in rat poisoning. These aren’t exactly what a chef would call tasty additions to foods and beverages. 

When using purified water in the kitchen, foods and beverages taste better. Using purified water reduces the amount of salt and other spices needed in a recipe. Why? Because herbs and seasonings don’t have to fight the pollution in the water. 

As a bonus, using purified drinking water for coffee, tea, and other beverages enhances the drink’s flavor. Coffee lovers will find all the delicious notes listed on the bag come to life in their morning cup of joe. Foods and beverages are more fragrant, flavorful, and altogether tastier with filtered water. 

Provides Cleaner Water

Most water supplies in the United States have over 80 known contaminants, including arsenic, mercury, and ammonia. Mixed into that cocktail are waterborne viruses, bacteria, and disease. The EPA allows tiny amounts of these chemicals and contaminants because they do not pose an immediate health risk to the human body. However, the EPA recognizes that most of them cause damage to the body long-term. 

Investing in a water purification system protects people from exposure to these chemicals and contaminants. Purifiers actively remove these metals, chemicals, and bacterias. The efficiency and capabilities of the filter vary based on design, but all purifiers help provide cleaner water.

Gives The Body A Detoxifies

drinking water The human body is equipped with a fantastic detoxing system. Essential to this system is water. After all, the human body is 60% water. Water moves toxins through the body to be processed by the kidneys. The kidneys are the water treatment plant of the body, filtering the blood and sending toxins out of the body. But kidneys are overworked by unpurified water. They have to work harder to filter the contaminants out of the body. But, people who drink purified water do their kidneys a favor and help lighten the purifying load. 

The result? The body begins to process toxins easier. Purified water is necessary to flush out toxins in the body and keep the organs lubricated and functioning. When the kidneys aren’t fighting with additional toxins introduced into the body from contaminated water, they can focus on removing naturally occurring toxins from the blood easier. 

Purified drinking water keeps the human body in tip-top shape, protects the family from harmful chemicals, and as a bonus, it makes food and drinks tastier! When looking to invest in a purified water system, reach out to a local plumber – they’ll know what system is best for every home’s budget and situation and can handle the install themselves!

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