Maintenance & Tune Up

Oil ChangeYou wouldn’t expect your car to keep running perfectly without regular oil changes, and your heating equipment is no different.  Many homeowners don’t realize that just as the oil in your car gets dirty during normal operation (and needs to be changed), your air filters and components of your heating equipment get dirty during their normal operation.  A dirty air filter results in an overheated furnace which wears out the parts faster and cuts off air flow.  In fact, most repairs could have been avoided by annual maintenance.

Equipment Maintenance –Manufacturers recommend annual equipment maintenance (sometimes called a furnace service, or a precision tune-up) in order to keep your furnace, boiler, or heat pump performing optimally.  A US Department of Energy analysis found that by having your system maintained every season, you can reduce your operating costs by up to 30%!  In addition, keeping your equipment clean can help eliminate unexpected break-downs when the weather changes.

Annual maintenance is easy when you rely on your local Seattle heating company to take care of all the details for you.  As a member of our Service Partner program, we keep track of your maintenance schedule and we’ll even remind you when it’s due every year.  Click here for details.

With simple testing during the annual maintenance we can determine if the electrical components of your equipment are operating within normal ranges or are about to fail.  Ultimately, the coldest days of the year require your furnace to work the hardest.  You want to be sure your equipment is up to the challenge, instead of experiencing an emergency no heat situation – those never happen at a convenient time!  These are the days when there are not enough heating techs in town and you may wait several days for service.

Tankless Water Heater Maintenance – Believe it or not, water can be hard on heating equipment.  Many areas require annual maintenance of tankless water heaters, however we’re fortunate in the Seattle area that we don’t have severe problems with hard water.  Routine maintenance of your tankless water heater is recommended at least every other year.