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Is Your Garbage Disposal Ready for Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is a day dedicated to enjoying the finer things in life, like eating turkey and watching football. And while a great meal and exciting game can make the day special, having a garbage disposal break down can put a damper on the festivities.

Seattle, WA Garbage-Disposal-ServicesUnfortunately, much of the time the reasons for the disposal’s problems are ones created by people not thinking or trying to use it for other than its intended purposes.

If you want to avoid a disposal disaster this Thanksgiving, here are some important tips to follow.

Steer Clear of Forks and Spoons

No, this doesn’t mean you should use chopsticks or eat with your hands. Instead, it means that everyone needs to be careful not to accidentally let their forks, spoons, and knives fall down into the disposal.

When this happens and the unit is running, the utensils will get wrapped around the blades and do significant damage. In addition, parts of the utensils may break off and get jammed in the disposal’s gears and motor.

A plumber will need to be contacted to examine the disposal and recommend if repairs can be made, or if a new disposal will need to be purchased.

Use Moderation When Disposing

If there are many people eating a Thanksgiving meal, chances are there will be plenty of stuff heading down the disposal. However, sometimes too much of a good thing can spell disaster.

When preparing a holiday meal in your Seattle home, many people take that opportunity to clean out their refrigerator and throw away large amounts of unused food.

But if too much is put down the disposal in a short period of time, the result can be clogged drain pipes and broken blades. By practicing moderation, the disposal can be kept in good working order and the pipes will remain clear.

Watch the Expandable Foods

If starchy foods like potatoes, rice, and pasta are served during the holiday meal, be careful to not let them go down the disposal. If they do, the water running in the disposal will help them to expand, which will eventually lead to pipes getting clogged.

And unfortunately, once they get started expanding, they do so a little more each time they get wet. If the pipes become clogged with starchy foods, expect to call a plumber in order to get the problem fixed. Compared to other disposal problems, this one is relatively easy to fix in your Seattle home.

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