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Have You Looked Into Your Water Heater Regulations?

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Almost every Seattle home unit that operates has rules and regulations that govern the use of the units such as air conditioners, furnaces, and plumbing systems. One of the most used but rarely thought about is the water heater.

Seattle, WA Water-Heater-ServicesGenerally the water heater is placed out of sight and operates on a daily basis without much notice. The only time that most people notice their water heater is when there is a hot water issue.

Just like air conditioners, furnaces, and other Seattle home units, the water heater has regulations in place to help make sure that water heaters are built, installed, maintained, and operate in a safe and proper manner.

Three Key Water Heater Regulations Involve:

1. Manufacturer building standards.

2. Energy efficiency values.

3. Size variations.

Manufacturer Building Standards

Water heaters have regulations regarding every aspect of water heater construction. The way that water heaters are built is very important to consumer safety and water heater operational performance.

Therefore, water heater regulations help to guarantee that manufacturers build water heaters in a manner that meet set guidelines and requirements.

Energy Efficiency Values

Water heaters use energy to operate. The type of energy utilized depends on the type of water heater either gas or electric, but how much energy is necessary to operate water heaters is determined by the water heaters’ energy efficiency. The better the energy efficiency for the water heaters, the less energy the water heaters have to use to operate properly.

Water heater regulations are in place to help improve water heater energy efficiency. Better energy efficiency helps consumers by reducing energy consumption regarding water heaters. At the same time, better energy efficiency helps to reduce consumers’ energy bills.

Size Variations

The size of water heaters can affect the way water heaters are built. Sometimes different sizes require slight variations in how water heaters are built, but water heater regulations provide guidelines and requirements to ensure that the different sizes still follow set water heater regulations.

Water heaters are used on a daily basis for a wide variety of purposes. While most people do not understand water heater operations, water heater regulations are in place to make sure that people do not have to worry about water heater safety or proper performance.

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