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Is Your AC Blowing Hot Air? Here are Some Reasons Why

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Imagine walking in your front door on a hot summer’s day only to realize that it feels just as warm inside as it does outside. Not a very pleasant experience, is it?

Although it is very frustrating when your AC unit blows hot air, you can usually limit the reasons why to a small number. Once you’ve figured out why, the solutions are pretty quick fixes too.

Here are the likely reasons your AC is blowing hot air.

Coolant is Leaking

Coolant is a heat transfer liquid, so your unit needs adequate levels for it to change hot air to cold air. If you have a leak, the levels will drop, and you’ll get hot air only.

If you hear hissing around your AC, you have more serious leak. Call a professional for help.

Frozen AC Unit

Did you know that if you turn your thermostat down too low, you can freeze your air conditioner?frozen

If you are guilty of this, that might be the problem.

Don’t have it lower than 72°F going forward.

To fix this now, simply turn your unit off for a couple of hours and wait for it to thaw out.

Dirty Air Filter to Blame

If you are not in the habit of changing your air filter every month, you should start.

Changing your filter is easy and well worth the time that it takes to do it.

A dirty air filter will prevent your air conditioner from cooling properly. It will also make your AC work harder than it has too, making your energy bills go up.

Blown Breaker Switch

flipped-switchTo protect from electrical fire, your air conditioner has breakers.

If there has been a power surge, it is possible that the breaker has flipped to the off position.

Double check that it is in the correct position.

If it’s flipped to off, just flip it back to the on position and your problem is solved.

If you find this problem keeps repeating, it may the sign of malfunction.

You should get it checked out by a professional.

Clean Around the Condenser

If your condenser is dirty, or if there are trees or bushes too close, air flow won’t be good, and that is the problem.

Clean out the fins with a garden hose. Trim or remove any plant matter that might interfere with the air flow.