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10 Reasons to Revitalize Your Bathroom

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By making the decision to remodel your bathroom, you’re embracing change. Most people start their mornings off in the bathroom. The day starts with a shower, and after that, you brush your teeth and stand in front of the mirror.

There is no denying the fact that the bathroom is an important room, and it’s one of the first rooms that guests and potential home buyers will see.

There are 10 great reasons to start remodeling your bathroom today.

 Seattle, WA bathroom remodelingIncreased Property Value

Your home is your property, and there is a good chance that it’s the largest investment you’ll ever make. Since it’s an investment, you can pour more money into it, and you’ll get more money in return. By remodeling your bathroom, you can increase the value of your home.

However, despite the fact that it will make your Seattle home worth more money, you get to continue using your bathroom. It’s an investment that you actually get to enjoy while you still live in your home. Most home buyers put the bathroom very high on the priority list.

More Space

It’s nearly impossible to find homeowners who don’t want more space in the bathroom. The problem is that many new homes are built with smaller bathrooms. The space that is saved by making the bathroom smaller is used to make bedrooms bigger.

A bathroom remodel is a great way to significantly increase the size of your bathroom. Once the remodel is finished, you’ll have a lot more storage space to work with. Larger bathrooms are also easier to keep clean.

Improved Relaxation

A major problem with a smaller bathroom is that it’s harder to relax in it. Remodeling will make this room beautiful and bigger. Studies show that humans have an easier time relaxing in larger spaces. The increased beauty also makes it easier to relax.

During the remodel, you can add new fixtures, such as a larger bathtub, and you’ll have a much easier time relaxing in a bigger tub. There are several other features that you can add to the room, which will help you to relax after a long day at work.

Save Money

It’s a good idea to let the professionals handle your bathroom remodel. Saving money is one of the top reasons why many homeowners have chosen to renovate their bathrooms. A large percentage of existing homes are already quite old, and every day, new homes are getting older.

Bathroom renovation can help you to save money because it’s a great time to install new fixtures. Some of the newest toilets and faucets are made to be very energy efficient, so they make it easier to save money on the utility bill.

Improved Customization

Many Seattle homeowners are fine with their current bathrooms but wouldn’t mind adding some additional customization. Bathroom remodeling is a great way to customize the room and get creative with your preferred colors and styles. In other words, a renovation lets you transform your bathroom into something you’re truly proud of.

Enhanced Safety

The bathroom is a place where much of your time is spent. The problem with many bathrooms is that they’re not as safe as they could be. There is a good chance that you have old, outdated fixtures in your bathroom, and it might even contain worn plumbing pipes.

If a worn sink pipe bursts open, it could flood a large portion of your home. A broken pipe could leave you paying thousands of dollars in damage restoration costs. During the renovation, you can have new fixtures installed and plumbing pipes, which will make the room much safer to use.

Make It Fun

The bathroom should be an exciting room because you spend a large chunk of your lifetime inside of it. Bathrooms that are outdated and ugly tend to be some of the most boring ones out there. You can have a plumber install new piping, and the room can also be painted. A renovation can transform an ugly, boring bathroom into one that is trendy and exciting.

  Seattle, WA bathroom remodeling 2Things are starting to break.

If you find yourself having to fix something in your bathroom every other week, then it’s a good time to start remodeling. Maybe the lights have started to flicker, or the sink won’t stop leaking.

In older bathrooms, the tile starts to break apart, and the caulking around the sink begins to crack and split. If your bathroom is starting to give you endless repair projects, we can help you with your bathroom remodeling and replace important fixtures and plumbing.

Better Hygiene

Personal hygiene is very important. If your bathroom fixtures aren’t working like they used to, then you’ll have trouble staying clean and healthy. Maybe your faucet is leaking and leaving brown puddles all over your countertop. Another common problem is a leaky toilet.

Few situations are more disgusting than having to clean up a puddle of leaked toilet water. A renovation can solve all of these problems and make sure you feel cleaner when you leave your bathroom than when you entered it.

Excuse for New Fixtures

Some of the newest bathroom fixtures are very advanced. An automatic toilet is a great example because it uses sensors to detect when you walk away and flushes the toilet automatically. You can also get the same technology for new sinks, which turn on automatically.

Bathroom remodeling is an excellent excuse to purchase new and advanced fixtures. Every aspect of the room can be upgraded. Once you have new lighting, plumbing and fixtures installed, you’ll have created a bathroom that truly allows you to escape.

The number of materials that you can have installed is much larger than it used to be. Materials are available in countless new styles and textures. If you do decide to renovate, it’s important to have professionals help you install plumbing and fixtures. We can help you with the remodeling process.

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